Indian Hills Park – West Branch

According to a Consumers Power brochure circa 1959, Indian Hills was 1 mi east of the M-55/M-76 junction, 8 miles west of West Branch. The area had 4 runs with 2 tows, and a shelter house with snack bar and ski shop. The 1961 AAA Winter Fun List said it was 6 mi west of West Branch and 5 mi south of St. Helens with ski slopes and rope tows.

I’m not sure there is anything there today, but I think you can see the remains of the slopes just north of  E West Branch Rd (old M-55) about a mile east of S St Helen Rd (old M-76) if you look at a satellite view.

1 Response to Indian Hills Park – West Branch

  1. Gustave Rayl says:

    Beautifully rustic is what I remember, A log cabin “lodge” and two ropes that seemed very fast for a six year old skier. My older sister, brother and I managed to pack down some snow in various ways there about 1960. In the seventies I did some motocross trail riding and hill climbing in that area, nothing left of the ski facilities, having burned down many years before.

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