Northwest Lower Peninsula Ski Areas

Please send us information about former ski areas North of Clare and West of I-75.

4 Responses to Northwest Lower Peninsula Ski Areas

  1. Anne S. says:

    I worked at Sugar Loaf in Cedar for the last 4 years of its active life- was among those who ran the nursery/kid’s center. I’ll look and see if I can find some pictures or anything else cool to add.

  2. Anne S. says:

    Sure thing!

  3. Lee Timmerman says:

    In the early 1960’s my parents friends Ed and Ann Thurston moved from Toledo Ohio to Boyne City to run the ski resort Avalanche and I guess Barn Mountain was a part of it. Hard to remember was only 12 or 13 at the time but i do remember a lodge, ski rental, rope tow and chair lift. We stayed in a guest cottage but I can’t remember if it was on the property I know the business failed and it was either sold or closed but I don’t remember when. Anyhow good memories of skiing up there.

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