Bear Hills – Bear Lake

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  1. Kent Babcock says:

    I do hope that you’re able to find some pictures and information about Bear Hills. I learned to ski there as a kid in the mid 1960’s

    There was one rope tow for skiing, and one for the toboggan hill.

    I’d like to help with the history of Bear Hills and if you’re interested, I’ll try and recall what I can.

    (Wood skis, cable bindings, laced leather boots, the good old days!

  2. Bill Jennings says:

    Hey Kent, this is Bill Jennings. Brings back some old memories ! Remember our Bear lake ski team competing against Manistee High School at Bear hills????

  3. Bill Jennings says:

    The Walter Johnson family owned Bear Hill’s. Denny Johnson, their son became the general manager of Crystal Mountain in the 60’s. Denny was a phenomenal skier that rivaled Stein Erickson. Years later I raced against Stein in Utah,,, of course Stein was a wee bit older,,, now I am a wee bit older,,, so it is all understandable of the slowdowns – lol. Denny is still alive and in real estate in the Florida area last time I contacted him. Good memories of good times and great people.
    We used to night ski, and ski powder on the golf course behind Bear Hill’s — of course it was a trek back to the rope tows. Dee Randall trained us to race on bamboo poles on that rope tow hill and hauled us to race all over in that station wagon of the high school !!! Never will forget these great times and people. Kent, the Keilors, Richmonds, Matthews to name a few were all our cohorts – lol. We had a Swedish exchange student named Leonard Ostlund on our ski team,,,, if Leonard completed his runs Jean Claude Killy couldn’t have beat him roflol.

  4. as above says:

    Yup. Remembered spraying the hill down with water from fire dep’t 6×6. Icy day.

  5. Bill Jennings says:

    Remember moving the snow fences to drift in snow …. We would have had to call that snow capturing instead of snow making !!! I remember one year Bear hill’s was open longer than Crystal Mountain which had snow making !!!!

  6. kent says:

    We’re so old I can remember that Bear Hills would often open on Thanksgiving weekend.

  7. Karyl says:

    Where exactly was Bear Hills in Bear Lake? That was my first time skiing, and I remember falling down and having such a hard time trying to get back up. LOL….. I remember a snack bar with hot chocolate, and that tow rope really chewed up your gloves!

  8. Joseppe Kadzbanski says:

    guys, where was the hill? on Potter road if I recall, but no idea where…

  9. Jim Reed says:

    7821 Potter Rd Bear Lake

    Our family purchased Bear Hills in 1972 and ran it till 1978. We still own the property.

  10. Ed Rogers says:

    Hey folks, anybody out there remember me? My name is Ed Rogers. I was the ski instructor and ski patrol the winter of ’65-’66. I think that even some of you would come to Chimney Corners (my home) for night skiing

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