Chimney Corners Resort – Frankfort

In the 1971 AAA Winter Sports Fun List, published in The Cass City Chronicle, Thu., Dec. 10, 1970, Chimney Corners is listed as having 3 slopes, 3 tows, and 3 trails. This was down from 1966 when they were listed as having 5 slopes, 5 tows, and lighted toboggan and sledding hills. It was placed 7.5 mi. north of Frankfort via M-22.

Chimney Corners Resort is still functioning, but only as a summer resort. They are on the north shore of Crystal Lake and rent cottages during the summer and fall months, closing in November. Their web site says they have been open continuously since 1935. I do not know for how many of those seasons they were open for skiing.

If you have any information about lift-served skiing at Chimney Corners Resort, please post it or send it via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

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