Diggins Hill Park – Cadillac

While up in Boyne country this December, we were looking at an old MUCC Michigan County Maps atlas for the little pictures of the skiers that marked ski areas. I happened to notice one in Wexford County, right next to Cadillac, labeled Diggins Park Ski Area. When I got home, I looked it up on the Internet. Diggins Hill Community Park is still a city park in Cadillac; a 14-acre tract most noted for its Diggins Hill tennis courts, which were originally built in the early 1900’s. Over the years, the park has been used for many recreational activities, including downhill skiing.

I had been searching (unsuccessfully) for information about tows or lifts, but on December 30, 2012, Steve Erber posted a comment on the Cadillac stub that there had been 2 rope tows and 4 runs at Diggins Hill and that the tows had operated until at least 1968. He mentioned some old pictures, so I will contact him and ask him to please send them along.

4 Responses to Diggins Hill Park – Cadillac

  1. Rick Picardat says:

    In the fall of 1979 , while employed at Cadillac Area Public Schools , I was asked to string the tow rope at Diggens Hill park through the pulleys . Mel Denzel was driving the front end loader down the hill with me in the bucket with the rope. I’m not sure if the tow rope was used after that season or not.

  2. I grew up a few blocks from Diggins Hill and went to McKinley Elementary School just over its top. I was born in 1971 and attended the school from 1976 through 1981. The rope tows were still operating on weekends through at least 1980. While we were too poor to ski at that time, we went sledding all winter on Diggins Hill and would use the rope tow up the hill. It’s use for skiing greatly declined during those years as Caberfae 15 miles west of Cadillac made improvements.

  3. Bill Hinkley says:

    I was born in 54 and spent many years walking up to Diggins to go skiing on the two rope tows that existed at that time. Went to school at McKinley after we moved to Cadillac. Also used the skating rink often and there was a small warming hut back then! Good old days.

  4. erbsuperb says:

    Hope you’re still making turns. I spend most of the winter skiing in the trees with my dog Buddy. Tele skied into April this year, think about Diggins often while climbing. Mike Hodges use to fell maple saplings and set courses on Diggins. Sure do miss him.

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