Lost Pines Lodge – Harrietta

Lost Pines is listed in the 1971 AAA Winter Sports Fun List published in The Cass City Chronicle on Thu., Dec. 10, 1970 as having 2 runs, rope tows and X-C skiing. It was reported to be on W. 36 Road near Harrietta. On Jan. 4, 1975 and Dec. 30, 1976, The Cass City Chronicle printed the 1975 and 1977 AAA guides to Michigan’s 56 and 58 Ski Areas listing Lost Pines as having 1 rope and 2 slopes.

The Lost Pines Lodge is still operating. They are primarily a winter resort featuring some cross country skiing but mainly snowmobiling. I do not know during the complete period when they had tows and downhill skiing.

If you have any information about lift-served skiing at Lost Pines Lodge, please post it or send it via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

1 Response to Lost Pines Lodge – Harrietta

  1. Michael S. Jaskulski says:

    I’ve never been in that area in the winter at the years listed, but I remember a horse stable and horseback riding at Lost Pines Lodge during the summer of 1970 or 1971. We went by there the other day and found that everything had changed beyond remembrance.

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