Lake Valley – Kalkaska

In the “Michigan Mirror” column of The Cass City Chronicle for Fri., Nov. 9, 1956, Lake Valley near Grayling is mentioned among a list of rapidly developing ski areas in Michigan.

According to a Consumers Power brochure from about 1959, Lake Valley was 12 mi east of Kalkaska and 13 mi west of Grayling off Hwy 72. They had 6 runs, rope tows, a chalet lodge and motel with ski fitting and a repair shop. Snacks and meals were available.

Currently, in an area close to where the ski area is described, an Orthodox Jewish camp has been operating for many years on Lake Valley Road. Camp Gan Israel – Kalkaska is operated by CGI Detroit for youth from the Orthodox community. In July, 2010 a camp alumnus, Uri Laber, dedicated the pool he donated to the camp 32 years after his camping experience there. That would mean that if this is the former Lake Valley ski area, it had been purchased as a camp sometime prior to 1978.

A-frame lodge at Camp Gan Israel, Kalkaska

Is this building at Camp Gan Israel the former chaled lodge at Lake Valley?

If you know whether Camp Gan Israel occupies the former Lake Valley ski area site, please post your information or use the instructions on the ABOUT page to send it to us.

4 Responses to Lake Valley – Kalkaska

  1. Stephen Jaekel says:

    Contact Sandy Hagman, daughter of Art & Bettyo Hagman. They owned, created, and operated the Ski Lodge. I skied there many times.
    Sandy lives in White Lake (Twp I believe) Mi near Detroit, and has a summer residence in Arcadia, Mi. Her phone number is in the phone book. If u have any question, contact me. Sjaekel401@aol. Com

  2. Joe Spiewak says:

    In ’66-’67 my family’s music and dance business ran a summer music camp there. On the west side of the lake and about a 1/2 mile from the A frame was the ski lodge overlooking the hill and ski lift and motel. Also had a pool with the lodge. 3 seperate buildings. Great memories.
    Joe Spiewak
    Clearwater, FL

  3. A came says:

    the camp is on Lake Valley Rd.

  4. Beth and Tom says:

    my husband spoke with the Barber in Grayling after a hair cut visit and found out the same information. After a great hair cut and good conversation there was mention that we have a cabin on the road, The barber himself stated that he often visited the ski area as a youngster and that is why the road is called lake valley!

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