Skyline Ski and Country Club – Grayling

On Dec. 21, 1951, The Ludington Daily News snow report listed Skyline as having 8″ new snow.

In a Consumers Power brochure from about 1959, Skyline is listed as being located 10 mi north of Roscommon, 1 mi east of the junction of US-27 and M-76. It had 7 slopes, 6 rope tows, instruction, night skiing, and a warming house with rental equipment and meals available.

In The Cass City Chronicle for Jan. 4, 1968, the AAA Michigan winter fun list says Skyline, 6 mi. south of Grayling, east off I-75 (US 27) on Roscommon Rd., had 10 slopes, a chairlift, 8 tows, x-c, and night skiing on Wed., Fri. and Sat.

Lately, they were listed as having 210′ vertical, 4 surface tows and a triple chairlift. A post on Yahoo Travel dated 12/10/08 lamented that Skyline was closed and up for sale. Lately someone started a Skyline Facebook page.

Here’s a recent picture of the beginner’s hill with rope tow towers still in place submitted by Bob Sisco.


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    • Lois Tucker-Wubbenhorst says:

      I as well grew up on Skyline’s slopes. I started skiing at 4 years old and skied there until in highschool. I have very fond memories of the skiing, night skiing, the lodge all of it. My father was part owner. We had lockers in the lower level. I finished up my skiing career at Jackson Hole. What a great start Skyline gave me. I think the ski resort business is a tough on to make work. I wish the best for the future of Skyline.

  1. Dale Edly says:

    This was where I skied for the first time. The high of the day was 9 degrees. Jackson Hole it wasn’t, but it will always remain a special place in my memories. Thanks for your work on this web site.

  2. Carolyn says:

    This site is a great idea! My dad, Ernie Nye, was the manager/owner of Skyline. He was a part of the business from its start in the 40’s when Ralph Morse established Skyline as “Skyline Ski Club.” When outsiders began showing up to ski, Ralph set out a cigar box to collect 50 cents per skier. Eventually the ‘club’ became “Skyline Ski Area” – open to the public. I was born the year the chairlift was installed, I think. I had a charmed childhood growing up with Skyline always a part of my life. And then, before Dad retired, I was able to introduce my kids to skiing on the very hills that held so much fun and adventure for me. When Dad sold the business, the new owners renamed it Skyline Ski and Country Club. In a few years, the business was bankrupt. Skyline sold, I’m told, a couple weeks ago for the price of its back taxes. I wish the new owner well. I do not know what his plans are, but I’d love to make a few runs down the Bowl if he gets Skyline running again.

    • Steven Harmon says:

      Hello, I just attended an Auction at your father Ernie Nye’s house where I was able to purchase a very old 1940s set of Antique/Vintage solid maple skis which are still in amazing condition. I don’t know if you were at the auction to be able to purchase some of the items to be held onto forever by family for sentimental reasons. If you are interested in them, please give me a call at 989-989-0102 and ask for Steven. Take care and God bless you and your family.

      • Carolyn Nye Boyd says:

        Hi Steven. They are a wonderful set of skis. I don’t know their history. I had the auction because there was way too much stuff to hang onto for sentimental reasons. I hope you can enjoy the skis or sell them and enjoy the profit. Thanks for thinking of me.

    • thom says:

      Hi Carolyn,
      It’s Thom Thompson my dad and I worked for your dad hope all is well. I was sorry to see it close. Miss the good times. We had Ye Olde Party Store in Roscommon (if that helps)

      • Carolyn Nye Boyd says:

        Hi Thom. I’m sorry I don’t remember your dad. Did you work a tow line? Which one? I’m sure I knew once upon a time. I got to be a ‘tow boy’ once in awhile back in the 90’s. Usually on the bunny hill. While my husband and kids were skiing. Dad always gave us free skiing (but we had to buy our hot chocolate), and he’d pay me for the time I worked if I let him. A little ‘work’ was just part of the fun.

    • David Ragan Jr. says:

      Hi Carolyn, I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I grew up learning to ski at Skyline around the same time your kids did. It’s kind of funny I was just thinking of that place and googled the name when I came across this site. I believe my dad worked there part time at some point in high school. I really wish it was still up and running. I always thought it was one of the most unique places to ski ever, and there was definitely a homey feel to it, even if it wasn’t the biggest place in Michigan. I also thought Skyline was better skiing than the vertical or number of runs would suggest. There was just no place like it. I’m so thankful your dad started doing the ‘Ski Days’ deals with Immanuel Christian School so that I and my family could afford to ski there for the first time! God bless your family for allowing mine to know the joy of downhill skiing. Skyline is where it all began.

      • Carolyn Nye Boyd says:

        Hi David. Of course I remember you! The ICS ski week was a winter highlight for me. We always had a great time. I have a copy of a letter Dad wrote to Pastor Hansen telling him how much Dad appreciated the attitude and behavior of the ICS kids while they were skiing at Skyline.

  3. John Close says:

    Greetings. I too grew up skiing @ Skyline. How Carolyn’s Dad/Brother kept that place going I will never know. It was a great place to be a kid. Dad would drop my sister and I off @ Ten o’clock and pick us up @ 4. Sometimes on Saturdays we would stay for night skiing till 9pm.
    On a few occasions, when the power went out, Ernie would attach a long rope to the back of there ancient snowcat and tow the skiers to the top-( the lodge was @ the top). Can you imagine the liability nightmare that would be now? In it’s heyday the parking lot’s would be full, the rope tows would overheat and quit, and there would be a long line@ the chair….All the while Ernie would be running around on his snowmobile with a Camel in his mouth trying to fix everything.
    During night skiing there was a low- dark spot on the chairlift were we would jump off….never got caught by the one ski patroller who was usually in the lodge drinking coffee.
    I have also heard the buzz about Skyline having new owners. I hope they can make a go of it and another generation can enjoy it as we did. This web- site is great!!,,
    John Close
    Park City, Ut

    • Peter Morley says:

      Being one of the many kids who “grew up” skiing at Skyline I am happy to read any of the stories and fond memories posted. I do know the person who bought Skyline this past fall. He also grew up skiing there. There are no definate plans yet but he would like to share some of his experinces of skiing there with his own kids, so he is considering trying to reopen. He has had the chair lift looked at and it is not in too bad of a condition. (Although it does require some work and recertification). He can still use the irrigation system for snow making even if he sells off the golf course sprinkler heads. So there is a possible future for Skyline. I would love to ski there again!

      • Chris Dixon says:

        Peter, I skied at Skyline with your dear brother Mark when visited one winter. it just came up in a Facebook discussion so found this while googling the place. I still ski every week here in New England. Fnd memories of Higgins always, Cheers, Chris

      • Peter Morley says:

        Chris, I remember when you came out in the winter. It was always fun to see your family at Higgins. Glad to hear you are still skiing. My family loves skiing and it is still a big part of our lives. I was in Montana a week ago and ran into Skyline alumni, which always leads to many fond stories. Thanks for sending the note and please stop by Lakeside if you are ever in the area. Peter

      • Chris Dixon says:

        Cheerz Peter! That was between Xmas/New Years ’75 after had worked at Lakeside that summer (as I did the summer before). I have a couple of pix from the visit, will find you on FB to share. Best to you and the whole fam!!

    • Mark Sloan says:

      John, We all thought it was the Colini brothers jumping from the chair, glad to know you had some crazy-ness in you.
      Mark Sloan past ski shop dude!

    • Marion Dick says:

      John… How are you? hope everything is well… Marion Dick… Big Sky MT 1989… omg long time ago…. drop me a line!

    • Marion Dick says:

      John… I found you as I promised!


  4. Tyler Sharpe says:

    I basically grew up on the slopes and lodge of Skyline…
    My step-grandfather (Ken Teeter) was a founding member of the club. My mother painted many of the bilboards, signage, and the trail map when she was in high school- she also frequently skied there through the 60’s & even occasionally sailed with Ralph Morse on nearby Higgins Lake. My father was the ski repair shop guru for more than 20 years during the winter, and was involved with several improvements of Skyline through the years. Though Dave & Carolyn Nye were a bit older than me, I briefly went to school with them & knew them well. Dave Nye also worked for several summers for my father’s Go-kart track & arcade. Needless to say- I had a season pass there from the beginning of my skiing ‘career’ starting in 1972 until I graduated school. Winning the end-of-season members ‘Skyline Ski Championship’ ski race in ’83 kind of kicked off my ski racing path- which eventually took me to competing throughout Europe from ’89-’90…
    Needless to say, I could get very long winded here about Skyline.
    I believe the last open season for Skyline was in 2005 before it closed. A former school buddy of mine was very interested in purchasing the property with the goal of re-opening the resort & further developing it, but the deal fell through in the tax-sale & someone else purchased the property. The new owners immediately sold off the snow making / golf course irrigation pumps to offset the purchase price, as I understand. I haven’t heard anything about future plans of the Skyline property, but it is unlikely to re-open as a ski resort.

    • Richard Joseph says:

      Tyler and Carolyn. WOW!!! This is Dick Joseph. We had the ski shop there for ever and my dad owned “stock” there. Ty, you were just a little rug rat. Mark Sloan and I used to talk to you and your dad for hours. I love the place. It is cool that you got to see Europe and race. We should have a reunion sometime. Where do you guys live now> Ty is tour dad still alive? If so, please tell him hello. I really liked him a lot. Please respond. I am in Charlevoix and I am on facebook. Hope to hear from you. My E-mail is[

  5. Dan Branch says:

    I grew up skiing at Skyline during the 70’s. Our season started during Christmas week. Driving up Skyline Drive and seeing the lower parking lot filled up sparked our enthusiasm. We would get our tickets at the window just before the stairs to the dining area. Immediately we would see dozens of old friends and families that would reunite for another season at Skyline. Walking down to our lockers I remember seeing Ernie drinking coffee while bunkered in his walk-in custom in ski locker below the stairs. It was always great to see Ernie take a run on his boards. He wore an airmens hat with flaps flying…feet pressed together…perfect style….and infrequent turns. If I was lucky enough to see him at the bottom of the hill he would yodel for me if I asked. I now live in Arlington, VA and relish a chance to once again take a run down the bowl and pretend I am Franz Klamer shushing down Rogers Run. Skyline was the essence of Pure Michigan for me. Please post pics and youtube videos of Skyline if anyone has any. It would be great to start a Skyline memories page.

    • Tammy and Michelle Tobin says:

      Skyline skiing holds such dear memories for us! We would drive up from Lansing, shovel a 20 foot path to cottage, heat ourselves with the fire place, just to crawl into a cold bed, to get to bed early, and hit the slopes hard the next day. We ate way too many hotdogs and our parents had way too much fun at the bottom of Westridge. Memories…Feeling the towrope burn on my hands, skiing the bumps down The Bowl, and the end of year races, and flying through the trails…yes…without a helmet. Now our closest ski area is Ski Dubai. Bucket list… Skyline Again.

  6. Brian Storm says:

    I learned to ski at Skyline when I was eight years old. Make that 47 years ago…..and still skiing. I think about my youth and the times we would go there with a bus group out of Saginaw Michigan. A childhood friend and I would go several Saturdays in the winter to Skyline on bus trips with local high schools. His father worked for a bus company and we would get the chance to go up if there were seats available on the bus. Very fond memories!

    I remember coming inside to get warmed up and sit by the large fireplace. The picnic tables and the long cafeteria style line to get lunch or a hot cocoa. We would always go into the ski shop down below to see what new patches they may have to have sewed on our jackets.

    I remember my my first pair of ski boots were leather lace up boots and my first pair of skis were Fischer with snap down bindings in the front. My parents had purchased them from Montgomery Wards, a whopping $26.

    A few years ago, I took my oldest son to ski there to show him the place that Dad had learned to ski. We had a ball! Of course, all the large mountains that I had remembered as a kid had somehow shrunk a bit and I seemed to navigate the runs pretty simply compared to the skiing I had grown accustomed to our west. It was a very cool day, reliving my youth and at the same time seeing the next generation take to the slopes.

    I heard it had closed and was disappointed. Ironically, I have thought many times about whatever happened to it and also if it was for sale. I am glad to hear someone bought it and I am a little bit jealous. Had I know I would love to have purchased it and restored some of the nostalgia. I hope they bring it back to life! I live in Georgia now, but would certainly make the trip to ski The Bowl.

    I am very thankful for the times I had there. Because of Skyline and my learning to ski there, I have had a lifetime of good memories skiing around the US and other parts of the world. Skiing is a passion for me now. My two sons have learned to ski and it is great bonding time when we ski together. I look forward to the winter months and monthly excursions to CO.

    Skyline…….Thanks for the Memories!

  7. Mark Smith says:

    I learned to ski at Skyline in the early ’70s. Herb Merrill, my then-girlfriend’s father, patiently taught me how to ski. I returned to Skyline many times after that, and always felt a sense of belonging whenever I walked into that place. They had a clock made out of a lace-up ski boot-remember? In the late 90s-early 2000s my wife and I took our three kids there. They loved it! I really hope it re-opens someday. I’d love to ski the Bowl again!

  8. Dana Gariglio Lockwood says:

    Remember the Gariglio family. Gary (and family) bought Skyline. We skiied there ever weekend. Our family has a small cabin at Higgins and, as kids, we couldn’t wait to get our skis on and go. Many of you that have added comments to this site were old friends of our family. My mom and I were with Gary the day he purchased the land. I felt like crying with joy. I can’t believe that after all these years, and all the great memories we shared…… That he actually owns this beautiful land. My dad (Larry) past away almost 25 years ago but know that he is smiling from heaven. My mom (Sissy) turned 80 this year and is still very active and full of life.

    Entry made by Dana Gariglio Lockwood,

    • John says:

      I wish Gary well with the purchase from the Tax Sale.
      From everything I saw, from the tax sale data there is a ton of work to do. I was interested in this property but did not have the kind of liquidity necessary to make a bid on the property.
      It does look like with a lot of work, that this property could be put back to use as a ski hill.
      I do have the pictures that were taken for the tax sale in pdf format if anyone is interested.
      My email is John

    • Mark Sloan says:

      Dana, I worked in the ski shop and remember you and your family skiing at skyline, I coach the Grayling High School Ski Team with your cousin Tim and he has talked about Gary purchasing Skyline but I didn’t connect the dots that I know him (and you) from our younger days!
      Mark Sloan

    • Marcia Forsman Wigginton says:

      I skied at skyline every winter as a kid thru college years and up until I married in 1968. I have so many fond memories of that place.
      My folks Russ and Virginia Forsman started us skiing there about 1950. I was close to 8 years old then. My brother Lowell would have been 5. The Dayne family also skied there for several years. They were our neighbors in Dearborn. I am now in my 70 s. All parents have passed. My husband thinks I am to try skiing. He won’t ski anymore. If I could find a friend to ski with I would do it. I would even drive to skyline if it were open.

      • MILSAP says:

        Hi Marcia, Lots of senior skiers come out to Mt. Holly on weekday mornings during the season. It’s uncrowded during the day and they ski until they get tired or the school racers show up in the afternoon.

  9. Tony Slosar says:

    As the comments attest this is an awesome place. My parents skied there a lot in the early ’60s and my dad took me there a bunch of times in the early ’70s. We stayed at the “Pine Aire” motel and I remember an older gentleman frying me eggs in the lodge.
    1982 I was a sophomore in high school I broke my nose there learning how to do a back flip. Still have the scar! Hope to go back there some day!

  10. Norm says:

    I only snowboarded Skyline once, but the memory is a profound one. My mom and dad had /retired/ in Roscommon. About 15 years ago and a buddy of mine and I were headed to Boyne on Saturday but headed to Skyline Friday after arriving at my folks.

    The evening started with a $7 lift, are you kidding? We had the place to ourselves, with the bad lighting strung up in the trees, high fiving the liftie run after run until we were too cold to keep going. It was awesome. Who cares that it was 300 vertical or whatever. Boyne couldn’t touch Skyline as far as the fun-o-meter went.

    When my dad passed away we were looking for a place to have the lunch after the service, I suggested Skyline. We drove up the hill to find the A-frame burned out. I’m guessing a kitchen fire occurred and they never recovered. It’s unfortunate.

    I did try Hanson Hills last year (all ropes). The $10 rope ticket brought me back to Skyline. I love these mom and pop places. I was a snowboard instructor at Timber Ridge while I went to school at Western. Taking my nephew to Treetops over Christmas break to teach him to board.

  11. Mike Inman says:

    I learned to ski here in 1974 in 7th grade! My father and mother took me up to Skyline from Midland and got me a lesson. I remember learning to snow plow on the bunny hill. once I got the hang of turning and stopping I shot right down the hill fast as you could! And my parents were freaking out….I got to the bottom and went into a full on snow plow stop no problemo! They said LOOK HE’S GOT THE BUG! YES! They would take me to ski somewhere on weekends and I would barely come in off the slopes long enough to eat lunch! From open to close and often times even night skiing if they would let me! Great FUN!

  12. Ben Dancer says:

    Such found memories of Skyline. I terrorized the place. HA. Lots of friends – The Branches’, The Popes’, Morleys’ and David Collini. So many memories, one is the countless times we struggled to get to the top of that darned hill. I was ounce stuck on the chairlift with my father. It took them a long time to get us down. Some of the best memories are the cookouts at the bottom of West Ridge. I also remember being impatient to go up the tow rope on Pine Ridge. Because I was young and small I needed a bigger person to hold the rope down. If you were patient you would be sure the bigger person was behind you. Being impatient I would sneak up behind them and grab on. The problem being when they let go I would get lifted off the snow and hang on until I reached the top. So much fun. Thanks for the memories. I still ski a lot, mostly at Nubs Nob. So every time I’m heading down I-75 and turn off on US-127, I always look over at Skyline. I’m sure I bore who ever is in the car with “look over there, that’s were I had many great times.”

    • Chris Morley says:

      Hey Ben, Chris Morley here, I remember going to Mike Russell’s ski camp with you in TN. I live in Petoskey now and ski at Nub’s all the time. give me a shout sometime when you are up in the area.

  13. Dan Branch says:

    Ben Dancer I remember you were the first skier to wear headphones and listen to music while skiing. You were the first to do flips and double daffy’s. I distinctly remember the jump that was built on West Ridge. I believe it had a landing ramp. You were always a friendly guy and an awesome skier. I will direct my brother Brian to this page so he can connect with you.

    Dan Branch

    • Mark Sloan says:

      Dan Branch, It was always and experience when you entered the ski shop. Good to know you are out there… its been along long time.
      Mark Sloan

    • Dan Branch says:

      Loll!! I probably drove you crazy. You were a cool High School guy patiently listening to a li’l 12 year old rattle on. Good times. Thanks Mark. Hope life has been good for you.

      Dan Branch

  14. Guy Savage says:

    My brother just sent me the link for this site. Great memories of Skyline are pouring in. What about riding the chairlift and hearing music over the speakers?..To many stories for me. A book is in order..I have to say Ernie influenced me in my youth by his graceful perfect form cruising with his “bomber style hat” me in pursuit trying to make those perfect turns. Ahh those were the days..I still try to find a slope to cruise like that..

  15. Dan Branch says:

    It would be great to start a Facebook page for “Skyline Alumni.” People can load pics and video clips of Skyline.

    • Tony Slosar says:

      I have 8mm video from late’70s/early ’80s somewhere…

    • Gary Gariglio says:

      Hi Dan: I think the “Skyline Alumni” would be a great idea. Although it will likely be a slow process, I hope someday that Skyline will be skied again. For now, we ski down and use a snowmobile with a water ski rope behind it to get to the top. Actually good fun. Nice to hear comments from all! We did have many good times, hopefully others will get a chance to make their own memories in the future.

      • Dan Branch says:

        Hi Gary. Congrats on the purchase and thank you for keeping the prospects of a Skyline return possible. Your family was a staple at Skyline. That is really cool that you venture down the hills and snowmobile over there. I remember pretending to be Franz Klammer down Roger’s Run. What a special place!

        The best to you and the entire Gariglio family.


      • kurtis norton says:

        What are your plans for this property? I know of people interested in talking to you, if you are still the owner. The wheels are turning. Maybe that recreation dream can still happen.

    • Ben Dancer says:

      Speaking of Franz Klammer, do you remember attempting to spray the parents and both of us turning the wrong way and totally wiping out INTO them. HA

  16. Richard Joseph says:

    If you really want to get an Alumni thing going, there is a great site called “you know you’re from Grayling if” Lots of folks on there. Rosco probably has one too. Lets do it and have a party next summer. I used to own the ski shop. I am all in. I am paralyzed now, so I can’t ski, but I can share years of E-mail is Please let me know. I live in Charlevoix now, so I will come!!!!!

  17. John Woitinnek says:

    We were just reminiscing about Skyline the other night. Night skiing was the main reason we would go. I remember everyone had a new pair of ‘rope tow mittens’ that got worn out in a single evening. The air was usually brisk and the rope tows would yank your arm out of socket. As a small child I would struggle to raise the rope from its trough in the ice then have to support the incredible weight all the way up the hill. Occasionally an adult would try to hold the rope at a comfortable level. The ropes moved at lightning speeds. I can still smell the burnt leather. Hard to believe that skiing(riding actually) is still my passion.

  18. Gary Gariglio says:

    Kurtis – or anyone – can email me anytime at
    Dan – or anyone – a friend created a Skyline Ski Resort Facebook page. Please fill it up with photos and videos! I am glad everyone has the good memories that we have too. We continue to have good times.

  19. Hello everyone, i just stumbled on to this sister vivian and my brother in law owned skyline, they worked really hard to improve the place, it came a long way but other investors and many issues later aka (economy) they lost the sad, i had amazing times there.. hey gary my nephew is danny benson your caretaker of sort–good kid.. i have a place in higgins lake and loved skyline. congrats on purchasing the place hope you enjoy it….anyone have any old pictures or videos or anything else i would appreciate it being sent to my email, i want to collect as much media, ect so i can and eventually build a website. please send to
    thanks in advance everyone..

    • Gary Gariglio says:

      Don; Thanks for the note. Yes, Dan is a good “kid”. A friend put up a “Skyline Ski Resort” Facebook page but no one has really put any effort into it yet. That would be a good place to put up photos and videos. We will look for you to appear at the top of the hill sometime.

  20. NJB says:

    My husband took me up to Skyline a few years ago to show me where he used to ski. I could tell he was so moved by the place as we drove up the hill leading to it. When he saw it was closed and for sale he was brokenhearted. We walked around a little as he told me story after story of how much fun this place was for him as a teenager. He told me how much he loved the Chilli with oyster crackers. His parents would sit inside and watch as he skied. The great memories he has are priceless.

  21. Randy Rakus says:

    I remember my dad dropping my older brother and I off on Saturday nights to go skiing from 7 pm to 10 pm. Then there were the times when a bunch of us would pile in my friends dad’s yellow chevy van to go skiing during the day. Those were my best childhood memories growing up in Grayling as kid.

  22. Mike Pikor says:

    I remember Dad bringing us to Skyline and Bear Mt. when I first started skiing in 1963. Still doin it 50 years later. Great times growin up. Thanks Dad.

  23. Bob Sisco says:

    Skyline lodge at top( pic taken 2/09)


  24. Bob Sisco says:

    Chairlift at Skyline( taken 2/09)


  25. Bob Sisco says:

    City of Grayling smoke stack in backround taken at Skyline ski area which was for sale at the time picture was taken (2/09)

    Can someone let me know if they can get these pictures when clicking on the photobucket link? Thanks

    Love reading the many posted memories here!


    • MILSAP says:

      The best way to access the links seems to be to highlight the link from http:// to .html and either click Go TO… or copy it and past it into the address box.

  26. Carolyn Nye Boyd says:

    Mary Lou, Ernie’s wife, died a week ago on Memorial Day. In many ways she had been the engine that kept Skyline running. Every morning she made repeated trips to the bedroom trying to get Ernie awake. He was short on sleep all winter. Every morning she fixed his breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast with strawberry jam, 3 slices of bacon, orange juice, and coffee. Every morning she fixed his lunch: sandwiches wrapped in wax paper and placed in a black metal lunch box that always smelled like bananas. Mary Lou was ‘on call’ to make emergency runs for parts when something broke at Skyline. If the cleaning guy didn’t show up at night (a common occurrence), Mary Lou would be cleaning and vacuuming Skyline at midnight so Ernie could get home to sleep a bit earlier. She drew the line at toilets. Ernie had to clean those. Mary Lou fixed suppers that could be rewarmed. Supper was at six, or would have been if something hadn’t always come up. When business wasn’t good and Skyline couldn’t pay Ernie’s salary, Mary Lou’s part-time RN paycheck covered their expenses.

    Mom didn’t love skiing like we did. It may have been the behind-the-scenes drudgery she experienced, but I think it was more likely that she lost her enthusiasm way back when Dad made her herringbone up Vista when he was teaching her to ski. And to think she married him anyway!

    Thanks Mom! We had a lot of fun.

  27. Alex says:

    Is the property still privately owned? A friend showed me this place a little while ago it’s beautiful up there. There were alot of dirtbike and quad tracks and was wondering if it would be open to the public or if it’s private still.

  28. Gary Gariglio says:

    Alex; I own the property. We think it is a beautiful place too. People have asked me to hike, bike, sled, cross county ski, horse back ride, and so on – we are good with that. There are some Geocaching spots there too. We do some dirt biking and quad riding, but the solid is very thin and underneath is sand. So we don’t want it to turn into a sand dune. Thanks for writing

    • Tim Carr says:

      Mr Gariglo: My family and I spent many a weekend at Skyline in the 1990’s. Many great memories with the family were made there. I have an old Skyline window sticker I would like to send you if you would be interested in it. Best wishes, and hoping sometime down the road I can ski Skyline again (before I get too old 🙂

  29. GeorgeAcker says:

    This may a bit of piling on, but I too skied for my first time at Skyline in about 1967. Later, it was one of the local places that my wife and girls learned to ski in the early 80’s. Night skiing there was our favorite; great short sessions for beginners, always hot chili or fries available for the kids and a chair lift for my ladies !!!

  30. Mary Henderson says:

    Is Skyline Ski Resort…up for sale today?

  31. Marcia Forsman Wigginton says:

    I skied at skyline every winter as a kid thru college years and up until I married in 1968. I have so many fond memories of that place.

  32. Bob Sisco says:

    I emailed
    Over 20 pics to the publisher here besides the 1 beginner hill pic above and hope they can be accessed for all to see.

    Taken 9/30/16

  33. Kenneth N Collier says:

    I happened upon it is abandoned looks like a ghost town vintage chair lifts with wood backs old tow ropes and wheels still in place like time stood still

  34. Sean Lorbeske says:

    I was shown skyline over the winter by a friend while out riding snowmobiles one day, we played around a little bit and explored the old runs, I just had to do some googling and find the history

  35. Carolyn Nye Boyd says:

    I posted a bunch of pictures from Skyline, 1940’s-1990’s at the location site for Skyline Ski Area, Grayling, MI on Facebook.

    • Bob Sisco says:

      Gary Gariglio, I just finally emailed all the pictures I had from Skyline to you, sorry it’s a year late. ( better late than never, pictures taken 9/30/16)

      If you can post them here somehow to share that would be great. Enjoy! ( I can’t seem to post them)

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