Harbor Highlands Ski Resort – Harbor Springs

The Battle Creek Enquirer on December 30, 1956 lists Harbor Highlands as one of 4 new ski resorts in western lower Michigan.

This resort was purchased by Everett Kirchner, developer of Boyne Mountain, 25 miles south in 1963 or 1964. Sports Illustrated lists it as Boyne Highlands in Nov. ’63 but the official Boyne corporate history says ’64.  Kircher renamed it Boyne Highlands and it operates under that name today.

In SI, 1963, they report: Formerly Harbor Highlands, the area was purchased by Everett Kircher, who has spent $1.5 million improving it. Two chair lifts were installed, and seven slopes and runs were cleared. A new lodge was built—with 70 rooms, a cafeteria seating 400 and a tri-level dining room seating 350. There is also a new bar and ski shop with rentals.

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  1. Scott Stillings says:

    Harbor Highlands was originally built and owned by 4 local doctors and dentists. Dr. Graham, Harbor Springs dentist, was certainly one of the original investors. His son, Tom of Graham Real Estate in Harbor Springs, would be a great source for information. The original area and it’s slopes are still in use and known as the Tournament slopes on the far southern edge of the current Boyne Highlands. You can still ski the slopes down to the old lodge, which is standing and used as employee housing by Boyne to this day. When Mr. Kircher bought the area he expanded to the north onto the much larger hill now noted (2012) for having Michigan’s first high-speed detachable lift. It is also where the very first triple seat chairlift was purchased and installed by Kircher in the summer of ’64. Local legend has it that Nub and Dorie Sarns spotted the hill that would become Nub’s Nob (directly across the Pleasantview Road valley) from atop Harbor Highlands.

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