Mt. Maplehurst – Kewadin

Listed by as installing a 990′ poma platter lift with a 150′ rise in 1964, Mt. Maplehurst may have been near Maplehurst Lake at Kewadin. As the crow flies, it would have been closer to Bellaire than Traverse City, but it’s on the wrong side of Torch Lake.

In the AAA Michigan “1971 Winter Sports Fun List” published in The Cass City Chronicle on Thu., Dec. 10, 1970, Maplehurst is listed as having 8 slopes, 4 trails, a Poma lift and rope tows. The same information was reported in the 1968 list published in the same newspaper on Jan. 4, 1968. In 1976, the same paper listed it with 1 bar lift, 3 ropes and 6 runs.

Currently, the Maplehurst Camp touts it’s beautiful view due to being at one of the highest points in Michigan and mentions ski hills on the property, although I cannot identify anything resembling runs or a liftline cut on the topo.

If you have any recollections of lift-served skiing at Mt. Maplehurst please post them or send them via the info on the About MILSAP page.

The image below is from a postcard forwarded by Jeremy Birnholtz.


5 Responses to Mt. Maplehurst – Kewadin

  1. steven says:

    I have skied maplehurst just a few times. When we were children we would go there and park at the gate and sled mostly but we have also snowskated, skied, snowboarded and tubed most of the runs. This was around ten years ago. There are a few nice long runs that have an ok view of Torch Lake. One nice wide steep run with a flat spot in the middle of it, that is great for sledding or building a jump. The best part about the place is the old rundown lodge. If you can climb you can find your way inside where you will find artwork, trash and broken glass. There are some pieces of lifts still around on the hill. This is a great place to come in the winter if you are near the west coast of torch lake. It is also much too small for skiing with Shanty Creek being so close. The hill is less than 200′ vertical feet.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I never skied there, but spent many years at the summer camp so know a bit about the area. The ski area was on the camp’s propert, but accessed primarily from a driveway on NW Torch Lake Drive. To the best of my knowledge, it began around 1959-60 and stopped operating in the early 1980s. It’s hard to see traces of it now, but most of the equipment is still in place. There was 1 Poma lift and 3-4 rope tows. The area catered primarily to groups, who could stay in the camp’s lodge and a few winterized cabins, and locals. I have a postcard with a winter view of Torch Lake from the top of the Poma Lift; contact me if you’d like a scan of it.

  3. Mark Janes says:

    We have a cottage on Torch Lake just down the road from Maplehurst. Remember having season tickets at Schuss Mt from 68-73 and was a ritual that my dad took me and 5 brothers to Schuss every weekend. Needless to say Dad got sick one weekend and made us ski down the street at Maplehurst. As I recall it was all tow ropes and one poma lift. It’s hardest hill was comparable to a green at any major Michigan ski area, but I can say I did ski it once!

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