TimberLee Hills -Traverse City, MI

I thought TimberLee was south and east of Traverse City. I stand corrected, Mr. Jacques, Timberlee was indeed north and west of Traverse City near the south end of Lake Leelanau. Today Timberlee Hills operates as a banquet, wedding and party center with snow tubing in the winter.

Timber Lee Hills Patch from Bernie Riehl

Skilifts.com reports that TimberLee Hills installed a Riblet 1961′ double chair with a 327′ rise in 1968. In 1969 they installed a 1476′ Riblet double with a 322′ rise.

14 Responses to TimberLee Hills -Traverse City, MI

  1. Dick Jacques says:

    Timberlee was North and West of Traverse City. As I recall it had 1, maybe 2 chair lifts, I’ll check with a couple fellow Schuss Patrollers who patrolled there and get more details.

  2. Dave R Dean says:

    A bunny rope, a “j bar” and two doubles. Trails were devils dive, snow bowl, international, fis…Skied well ( for a 13 year old). Looking for pictures

  3. Mike Yates says:

    I believe they had an alpine slide that was open during the summer months.

  4. bjtetu says:

    Outstanding ski area..,worked there as a lift operator for several years..,and yes they did install an alpine slide in the summer months…didn’t last long…too many injuries..excellent skiing…2 chairlifts..1j bar 1 rope tow…many great memories..

  5. Dale Edly says:

    I remember that they had a Tucker Snow cat that had a painted over Vail logo. They had night skiing in the mid 70’s.

  6. Mike Siegel says:

    They had blues music series in the lodge in 1997.
    There were some mountain biking races going on at that time.

  7. In Elmwood Twp just South of the Southern Tp of Lake Leelanau. Now a tubing hill with a Norwegian cable tow… Wish it was still a ski mountain. Plenty of terrain. I worked on the area for a time and have full contoured plans.

  8. Frank Faron says:

    I remember skiing there at night about 1972. The main chair had fiberglass shells covering every second or third chair–worked great on a windy night.

  9. Jeff Brosch says:

    The hill faced the sun during the day and would melt and become super ice at night. I heard a snowcat crashed trying to groom the ice. Just like a 15000 pound sled out of control.

  10. Andrew Brock says:

    Today my family owns the hill and i would love any old pictures or memorabilia. Found an old ski patch from the 60’s but thats all.
    -Thanks Andrew

  11. Dennis Penrod says:

    Jeff, Yeah I worked there ( 78-79? ) in the rental, and a heavy equipment company gave them a White (?) all wheel drive tractor with huge tires on it and full snow chains to test as a groomer. It went back to them in pieces after they rolled it. That was during the Burfiend Stiffler ownership.
    Worked with some great people there Pat Hall, John Amar, Steve Heller. The Alpine slide went to Gatlinburg Ski Area Tn. and they also had a go kart track. The sun exposure on the southern most slope along with several artisan springs made it impossible to keep snow on the hill.

  12. Tammy Clark says:

    I am the housekeeper at Timberlee I have been here four years if anyone has any pictures of timber from long ago and over the years I would like to see old photos when it was skiing and what the upstairs use to look like it would be greatly appreciated

  13. Ted Stenger says:

    I attended a race camp there in 1973 or 74. Heli Schaller, former world cup champion, was the coach. TC cranked out some very strong ski racers in the 70’s.

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