Brighton areas

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  1. geoff smith says:

    Mt. Brighton was the last “big” SE Michigan area developed (after Mt Holly, Pine Knob and Alpine Valley) in the mid 1960’s and was located a few miles west of US 27 off of I-96 in Brighton. There were 4 owners. One, Gene Hill, was the head ski instructor and area promoter. Another, Bill Riskey, was nationally reknown for his snow making expertise. I coached ski racers there in the 1970’s and several Jr Olympic and collegiate racers got their start there. Tim Hill, Gene’s son, is currently US Masters champion for his age group.

  2. Bob Potocki says:

    Looking for any history on the proposed ski hill by Woodland Lake. Brighton.
    We know there was a lodge built and other development. But it was turned into apartments.
    There is currently a proposal to bulldoze the hill and put in a new subdivision.
    Any history appreciated.
    Bob P

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