Riverview Highlands — Riverview, MI

Built on a former municipal dump site, Riverview was operated by the city government as a ski park and was affectionately known as Mount Trashmore.  Due to heat produced by decomposition of organic material in the landfill, it was difficult to keep snow on the hill. Operations were not profitable and the area was de-commissioned in the 1990’s. According to this website from 1997? it had 2 quad lifts, 2 handle tows, 8 slopes and 190′ of vertical.

According to the city of Riverview, the area is now used as a golf practice facility and landfill gas collected on the site is being used in a very successful green energy project in cooperation with Detroit Edison and generates enough electricity to power 3700 homes while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Here’s a link to a TV spot from the ’80’s on Youtube.

6 Responses to Riverview Highlands — Riverview, MI

  1. Dean Sliger says:

    Curious! If heat from the garbage made it difficult to maintain snow, how do Mount Brighton, Mount Holly, and all the other former trash heaps now ski hills manage it?

    • MILSAP says:

      There’s no garbage under Mt. Holly, Dean. You’re misinformed. Whatever isn’t natural has been built up either by moving gravel around the site or bringing it in from the gravel pit next door. Many years ago, they buried the old Canyon double chairlift under one of the new slopes but they dug it up a couple years later and used the seat frames for booths in the bar and cafe. I think there was some talk about turning the gravel pit into a dump a couple decades ago, but the owner (not Mt. Holly) couldn’t get the permits. I’m not aware of any garbage under Mt. Brighton, either.

    • Ted Reilly says:

      Here is a YouTube link to a few news and 20/20 story about River View’s land fill and the ski hill

  2. Ted Reilly says:

    I thought Mt Brighton came about from the construction of the I-96,US-23 interchange.I read somewhere that is where they set up the temporary concrete facility

  3. Anton Mal says:

    Ha! I’m old enough to remember those ads! Never went there, a friend, who went there often, told me not to bother! Bill Norquay was his name, I should kite that name on the Mt.Ripley page as he used to teach there. He went to Riverview because his commute to work took him by it, and the wide open easy slopes were perfect for practicing his ski ballet for a few hours after a day in the office.

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