Summit Ski Club – Fenton

Operated as a private club with public ticket sales. Summit had a t-bar and a couple of rope tows. Later it became the Kandahar Ski Club, again with public ticket sales, and operated under that name until it became a housing development.

5 Responses to Summit Ski Club – Fenton

  1. Timothy B. Gaffney says:

    As I remember (from the early age of 10 years old) Summit had 4 Rope Tows. 1 each on the Beginner and Intermediate hills and 2 on the advanced slope. The T-Bar was on the far left of the area from the bottom. Of my fond memories I still recall the smells that would engulf the hill, a mixture of wood smoke and the food from the grill (awesome to this day). The grooming that left much to be desired, and , how on the third time I skied there I broke a chunk of wood out of my ski (yes WOOD skies) on the chunks of Ice, and how the next day my Dad had repaired it so I could ski the next weekend. How my first ski club went there from Lake Fenton I think I was in 6th grade. Summit was where I developed my love for skiing, and my determination to make skiing my life long passion. A passion that I still seek to this day.

    • Donald Ferguson says:

      I also learn to ski at the summer when I was five my dad work there and Jim doughan own the place. I’m at John callard there his Dad was Ski Patrol after that we moved up to Mount Holly. Oh yes wood skis with cable bindings and lace up boots…

  2. Tim C says:

    I just ran there this morning. It would make a great hike too. Follow the power line trail from White Lake Rd (just west of Denton Hill (Adelaide)) and there is a spur up to the subdivision (which is mostly undeveloped still) about 1.5 miles in. It’s a good climb with wonderful views all the way from the start of the trail.

  3. Pat Phillips says:

    I started jumping the 20 meter jump there at 7yrs old. It was a huge thrill. By age 9 we would get a group of kids, steal beer from the snowbanks by the front doors, and hit the jumps for some 1970’s fun. No parents. Big air, girls, beer and freedom. The oldest kid there was around 13. We had to hop a two foot hole at the top where the boards fell off. Sheer madness!

    Kandahar was the greatest place on earth back then.

    I live in Colorado and ski 50+ days a year. But when I think about pure joy on skis (besides 2-feet at Vail or A-Basin) I think about burning up the hills on the high-speed towropes. And remember doing anything to carry my speed down the hill to the base.

  4. Mark says:

    My father, Ed Ostrander was a partner in Summit along with Leo Doan back in the 50s. He passed a few years ago. I would love to find Summit memorabilia, if it exists.

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