Irish Hills Winter Sports Park – Onsted

In 1962, Sports Illustrated reported on Irish Hills Sports Park, Clinton: New area with three Doppelmayr T bars 600′, 710′, and 750′ long with rises of 60′, 105′, and 165′ respectively; 12 slopes (three expert, five intermediate); four instructors; snow-making equipment. Natural lake for ice-skating. Lodge with cafeteria, restaurant, ski shop for rentals.

IrishHillspatch-VA reports that Irish Hills installed a 2000′ St. Lawrence double chair with a 90′ rise in 1968. On Dec. 30, 1976, The Cass City Chronicle printed the AAA 1977 Guide to Michigan’s 58 Ski Areas which listed Irish Hills as having 1 chair, 2 bar lifts, 4 ropes and 16 runs.

If you have any information about skiing at Irish Hills, please post it here or submit it via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

4 Responses to Irish Hills Winter Sports Park – Onsted

  1. W Patrick Lentell says:

    My Dad took me to ski at Irish Hills to learn to ski in 1962 when I was fourteen years old. Skied there a lot until graduation from high school (JHS) in 1965. We were taught how to parallel by having our boots strapped together. On Sundays when we were in high school a number of us piled in to one of our fathers cars and drove to Caberfae for the day. Bought my first pair of skis from Leathed’s, if I have the name correct. Left Jackson permanently in 1969 and settled in the east.
    We taught our sons to ski at 18 months of age and they both raced in college. Learning to ski at Irish Hills turned out to be a big part of my life. Great memories.

  2. Dave Cox says:

    Irish Hills was the first area I ever skied. We lived in NW Ohio, and the local newspaper, the Toledo Blade, ran an ad that invited families to come, at night, and learn to ski. The total cost was just $10 per family. That cost included a 30-minute lesson. There were 8 people in our family, so Mom and Dad could not pass up such a good deal. After school, we’d pack up the station wagon and drive 1 1/2 hours north to the Irish Hills. The lesson began on the bunny hill with the rope tow which was usually so icy that you could barely grip the rope. Once we discovered the basics of turning, we thought the world of Irish HIlls. Drinking hot cocoa in the A-Frame lodge is forever a fond memory. I’ve been back in the years since, only to discover that it’s no longer a ski area. Instead, it’s now a housing development. To do so, they bulldozed the highest “peak” so now it’s just a meandering, hilly residential site.

  3. Jane Richards says:

    If anyone has an photos of the place when it was a ski lodge, I would love to locate them for the new owners.

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