Pinckney State Recreation Area – Jackson

I saw a report that a January 1962 issue of Motor News, the AAA-Michigan publication, listed Pinckney State Recreation Area as providing limited downhill skiing opportunities. This may mean they had tows.

If you have any information or reminiscences of lift-served skiing at Pinckney, please post it or send an email using the instructions on the About MILSAP page.

3 Responses to Pinckney State Recreation Area – Jackson

  1. mannyleea says:

    Yes there was an old ski tow. I grew up in Pinckney as well as my parents and they use to talk about the “old ski tow”. My childhood home was connected to the Lakeland trail which use to be the old railroad from Ann Arbor to Jackson and the ski area is behind the trail. This is between Pinckney and Gregory. We use to ride our four wheelers out to this property. I can get more info from my parents. That’s all I know.

  2. fred wark says:

    The railroad bed which is now known as Lakelands Trail, actually ran between Pontiac and Jackson. The old ski area is south of the Trail, between Kelly and Cedar Lake Rds From a parking area on Kelly rd you should still be able to find what remains of the road that was still drivable in the 1980s, into this hill. The last time I was in there a few years ago, it appears that someone (DNR?) had put up several large obstacles at the bottom to discourage motorized traffic. You don’t want to run into these

  3. Robert Morris says:

    I live on the trail just past barton rd. I grew up skiing Mt Brighton and would love to see/ski this run. I hope to get out there soon. Love old ski area lore. Bob

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