Bald Eagle Ski Hill — Ortonville

“Paul” clued us in to this one in mid-February, 2014. He said he went out there with a friend and saw old rope tow towers on a hill overlooking Bald Eagle Lake, south of Ortonville. I asked some patrollers at Mt. Holly and two of them remembered skiing at Bald Eagle many years ago. It may have been like Mt. Gabriel, an amenity for a recreational housing development that either failed financially or the owners elected to drop after a year or two, possibly because there were several commercial ski areas within a few miles.

If you skied at Bald Eagle, or know when it opened and closed and how many ropes it had, please let us know.


3 Responses to Bald Eagle Ski Hill — Ortonville

  1. Andy F says:

    It was located on the west side of Bald Eagle Lake where Aaron’s Way is now. We used to sled on this hill when I was a kid and the tow rope poles and foundations where in until they built Aaron’s way in the mid 90’s. My father told me about the hill, I believe he said it was there in the 70’s.

  2. Kyle V says:

    Very interesting, I currently live in Ortonville off State Park Rd just north of the village. Across the street is the state park land with the trails and cabin. I have been told by neighbors who have lived in Ortonville for many years that the very large hill behind my house use to be a ski hill with a tow rope? I was also told by one of my neighbors that my home use to be the ski lodge and was converted into a house? If anyone has more information is would be helpful to get the history of my home. Thanks!

    • Rex says:

      My family was one of several that owned a ski lodge and two slopes with rope tows in Ortonville. It was called Harringbone Ridge. Would this be the same place? Rex

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