Lansing Ski Club – Lansing

I thought this area was at Lake Lansing Park, but I was wrong. According to Mike, it was several miles west of there near Park Lake Rd. Apparently, it was open in the 60’s and the 70’s and closed after the 83-84 season according to Edward. It had more than one rope and a chairlift after 1970, which was unusual in that it served both the front and back slopes. The back side was steeper and moguled. There is a facebook page for former skiers. If you have any information about this area, Please post it or send it to us using the instructions on the About MILSAP page.

Lansing SC poster from Tom Koch reports that LSC installed an 1143′ Heron-Poma double chair with a 120′ rise in 1970.


Picture of LSC Sign sent by Steve Park


37 Responses to Lansing Ski Club – Lansing

  1. mike says:

    Lansing ski club was not located at Lake Lansing Park, It was in fact several miles west of there near Park Lake rd. I skied there when I was in high school around 1979/1980. the area was closed shortly after that and was redeveloped into a subdivision of high end houses.

  2. Mark dehertogh says:

    Use to ski there in the 60’s and 70’s george Janis taught me to ski there on the rope tow at age 5 we had the rope tow and the one lift the little lodge and ski lockers my mother ski patrolled there I got busted several times skiing during school hours a few time with Wayne benson who lived on the I’m the director of a small ski school here in Alaska came full circle

  3. Brad says:

    I also skied the Lansing Ski Club in high school and before 75 thru 79 It was a great place to spend time after school and produced the state championship high school ski racing team in 77 Okemos high boys team. I have fond memories of night skiing there and it did indeed have a chairlift that went completely over the hill and down the backside picking up skiers from both sides. With several large lights on top of the hill and rope tows coming up the sides that ran on weekends

  4. Edward Tank says:

    I skied there as well from the late 70’s till it closed after the winter of 83-84. Great little place, Ihave skied all over out west and trace my roots the The Lansing Ski Club. The last few years you could get a season pass for $100, those were the days!

  5. Dave says:

    Ah yes – used to take the bus from Central School in Okemos in 1973 out to the club. We used color tags that had various stripes and color combinations that changed each day. Bragging rights went to whoever could build up the most sticker tags on their coat. we went through gloves fast as the tow ropes were pretty fast. Chairlift had one pole between the bottom and top!

  6. Brian says:

    Lansing Ski Club is where I learned to ski. So many fond memories. It was a bit of a quirky area because it was sort of a members only area for the chair lifts. My family signed up for passes through the local paper, the Lansing State Journal ski club but we were relegated to the back side entrance and could only use the rope tows and poma lift. We were prohibited from the chair lifts because we were not full members. Occasionally (okay, often) we would sneak over and ski the chairlifts. There were some very fast rope tows that served some pretty decent terrain – bumps and somewhat steep as I recall. Tidbit – Mark Anderson was part of the Ski School at little Lansing Ski Club and later went on to become the national President of the Professional Ski Instructors of America. Best teacher I’ve ever skied with – and I’m an instructor now myself.

  7. Teresa says:

    I also skied at Lansing Ski Club during the 70’s and 80’s. It is where I learned to ski. I was crushed when they closed the hill. I remember catching a bus every day from East Lansing High School to the hill for an evening of snow filled fun. One of my fondest memories was when a path was cleared in the trees at the bottom of the back hill. You could shush down the hill and then shoot up the path through the trees and land on the golf course at Walnut Hills Country Club. Of course you couldn’t go back the way you came so you had to cross country ski in your downhill skis to get back to the ski hill. Great times!

  8. Chris says:

    I skied at the Lansing Ski Club during the late 70’s. My companion then was on the National Ski Patrol and was an excellent teacher. Negotiating public transport with skis, poles and boots was a challenge!

  9. mike says:

    I was a pro ski patrol there during the winter of ’72-73 , great little hill !

  10. Paul says:

    I skied there in the early 80’s as a middle school kid. I believe on Sundays they had a package deal of a lift ticket, ski rental and a lesson all for around $25. We had a great time hanging out with friends.

  11. Dave Tschirhart says:

    My father Tom Tschirhart helped put up the first tow rope in 1959. I was 6 when I took my first schuss. We used skip class in the afternoon at ELHS in the early 70’s and head out for fun.

  12. Paul K says:

    Skied here in the early 80’s while attending MSU. Lansing Ski Club had a deal with the MSU ski club. We could ski there once a week. Only ski area I’ve ever seen with a chair that went up and down both sides of the hill. Small, but a lot of fond memories with good friends

  13. Nick says:

    My friend Cathy used to come here during her childhood. She is a very sweet lady.

  14. Bob Brook says:

    I am doing research on the organization of the Lansing Ski club and the hill. So far the documents I have read indicate that the club was first organized in the mid 1940s, became a private group and likely incorporated in 1948.
    Meridian township SUP #70261 (3/8/1971) “grandfather” the Club following the 1960 zone law changes. It indicated that it the Club purchased the land in 1948. A PUD #86014 (Oct 1987) referred to the “hill” as man made and a new regrading plan was approved for the Walnut hill estate housing development. The grading plan indicated it would regrade to the original lay of the land.
    I would appreciate any information on the early development of the club and the ski hill.

    • Jan Harold Brunvand says:

      I was born in Cadillac in 1933, but we moved to Lansing when I was a baby. My dad, Harold Norman Brunvand was a founding member of the Lansing Ski Club. If it started in 1948, I was 15 yrs old when he took me to an organizational meeting at the home of Rollie Stebbins on Morse River Drive. Mr. Stebbins was a local realtor, and he set up a rope tow on a toboggan in his gently sloping backyard. This was the first uphill ski conveyance I ever rode, and I have some home movies of skiing in his backyard. Later, of course, I skied at the Lansing Ski Club and I should have some of photos of this. I’d be very interested to learn what you have found about the early history of the club. I have lived in Salt Lake City since 1966 and still ski about 70-80 days a year at age 82.

  15. John Hurley says:

    Umm I skied there ( learned to ski ) like 1967 ish. When I was there I don’t remember any “big hill” just this circle thing around the clubhouse that went down into a man made hole. You skied in a circle and around the clubhouse till you got to the bottom of the dug out area basically.

    Maybe later in the season perhaps there was a tow row going further down into the field. I am guessing that the ( ha ha alleged chair lift ) came into life a little after that?

    Someone should have some better pictures of it somewhere?

  16. dan balluff says:

    I taught cross-country skiing there through the Gannett Newspaper (Lansing State Journal) during nights and weekends. Probably 1978, 79. Started with the Ski for Light program ran by a great man name Harold Brunvand. Volunteered for that and then became an instructor for the paid program through the newspaper. We taught a lot of people how to ski the golf course. Was great. Only skied the downhill once or twice except for clambering up on my x-country skis.

  17. Jan Harold Brunvand says:

    Harold Brunvand, of course, was my dad. My brother Dick worked with him at Ski For Light, the cross country program for blind skiers. Dick now lives in South Haven and I live in Salt lake City. Our brother Tor lives in Waterville Valley, NH. I have three photos taken during a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Lansing Ski Club in 1972. They were official photos taken by the Michigan Dept. of State Highways (where my dad worked) showing MDSH members of the Lansing Ski Coub. Stein Eriksen is in all three, as he was visiting the club during this commemoration. I believe at that time Stein was running the ski school at Boyne Mt. My dad is in all three photos. I also have a patch and pin from the club plus my dad’s own name tag used in club events. Someone should write up the entire history of the club.

    • Bob Ucman says:


      We met a while back on a ski lift at either Snowbird. I knew Harold and Thor from the ski club. I was one of the owners of Freestyle Sports and we ran the rental shop there. The ski club was a great place.

      • Jeff Oster says:

        Hi Bob!

        Jeff Oster here. Former Marker/Look/Koflach/SOS Rep back in the mid 80’s, good friends at that time with Ray Skelton. What brought me here to this site, is that my daughter is now a student at MSU and I was trying to remember and explain to her that there was an old ski area near Lake Lansing but could not remember exactly where and also told her about your old shop near the Harrison Roadhouse. Back in the good old days of the ski industry. Hope this finds you well!

  18. Win Stebbins says:

    Absolutely great to read these remembrances of the Lansing Ski Club! My father was Rolly Stebbins, the main person behind starting the LSC in 1948. My personal goal for 2016 is to write as complete a history of the LSC as I can (with help of others) for the Lansing History group; these comments will help!

    Jan, I would be most interested in talking with you and your brothers. Your Dad told me he retired in 1969 to make room for me at MDSH/MDOT! 1969-2008.

    Win Stebbins, age 72 Holt MI home phone 517 889-5096 or

  19. Tor Brunvand says:

    My brother Jan and I skied in the Stebbins backyard several times using the old portable rope tow before it was used at the Lansing Ski Club. Had to make sure we did not go so fast we ended up in the Grand River. Fun days. Rolly Stebbins was called “Snow Plow Stebbins” as he insisted we all use the snow plow turn instead of going very fast with skies together like Stein.

  20. Jon Mann says:

    I taught my first ski lesson here! circa1979 While attending MSU. It was dumping one night and my goggles broke so I grabbed a pair on the bench. After a good pow shred I went in. Apparently the goggles were my boss’s, the head of the ski school . He was not pleased! I wish I remembered his name. He was a big PSIA type and years later I saw him at a PSIA event and he was still mad at me!(don’t borrow goggles without asking) The next season I was at Alpine Valley ski school. Now at Stevens Pass Ski School Wa. still teaching the sport I love and remember growing up in Michigan.

  21. Win Stebbins says:

    Jon Mann: Thanks for sharing your memories of being a ski instructor in about 1979 at the Lansing Ski Club, Lansing Mich.

    My Dad Rolly Stebbins started the LSC in 1948 with about 10 other Lansing men, purchased the land, and helped/watched it grow as Lansing area people young and old learned to ski with the newspaper Learn To Ski weekly 1-hour lessons (197__-1984). The Members club house was off Lake Lansing Road immediately east of Walnut Hills Country Club; the Lesson warming house and rentals were on the north side off Park Lake Road. The Lansing Ski Club property was lost at Bankruptcy in fall 1985, due to too-high debt load from the over-the-hill chairlift and snowmaking installed in 197__ and the new indoor year-round athletic clubs that began in the mid-1970’s for much less than the annual membership cost of 3-months of local skiing on our good 90-foot hill.

    I am typing my personal memories, typing newspaper clippings contained in 8 scrapbooks, and asking other LSC Members or skiers for their memories, to be included in a written history of the Ski Club to be given the Lansing Historical group. I ask your permission to include your story.

    I am now up to 1970 typing info in the scrapbooks, so I don’t yet know the Manager’s names after Roy Schaefer (196__- 1976). I have entered Terry Ketola (1980 – 198__) from other sources, and possibly Hugo Bohm (no dates). From your account, it might be that Roy Schaefer was the Manager and Ski Pro, as he was PSIA and very active in it. My wife and I visited 5 hours with Roy this past June at his Berkshire East ski area he owns and runs in western Mass.

    I would be glad to talk with you if you have additional info. And I am looking to hear from others regarding their skiing or social experiences at the Lansing Ski Club. Win Stebbins, Lansing Mich home phone 517 889-5096. email:

    • eric harder says:

      Mr stebbins took me eric harder and chuck yost on a ski trip some ski areas in the up. It was in the late sixties. We replied to a ad at lansing ski club which we were both members. I liveed out west for 30 years in tahoe jackson hole and aspen. I was sorry to here that the ski club had closed. Kinda like missing the last dance. That is were i learned to ski with tom green. Thanks for a great time lansing ski club. Eric harder

  22. John Baumer says:

    Here are a couple of memories of the LSC, around 1980 Lansing Eastern High School had a gym class field trip to the LSC. The AM was set up for XC at Walnut Hills and in the PM we headed over to terrorize the LSC. This was an exceptional opportunity for a diverse group of students to experience how ” the other side lives”. I will never forget the sight of one of the guys whom I played football with straight lining the back side. The young man in question was ” to cool” to be bothered with the free group lesson. He started down the hill and froze….. unable to slow himself, turn or fall he ended up in the parking lot. After catching BIG AIR on the snow bank, He landed on the hood of a big blue Chevy with his skis stuck under the car. Poor Hugo was unable to free himself due to the safety straps.
    That field trip altered my passion in life. I spent the remaining winters during my time in High School at LSC. They had a “student membership” that was affordable for me, that had restrictions. More often than not the staff looked the other way and were “flexible”.
    I remember during the later stages of the one season the groomer was broken and the hill was extremely challenging with very large bumps and moguls. I remember seeing the adults lined up on the deck with beer in hand cheering wildly as they watched the kids fly through the air!
    This experience never left me. I was determined to one day join this culture. It took a few years, but I now look forward to winter. I have been back at it for over 10 years and even brought my family with. I am now a die hard and ski 4-5 times per week.

  23. Gary Goodridge says:

    I worked at LSC in the winter of 1976 as a chairlift operator. I was a freshman at MSU living at Asher House at the time. Three or four of us from there worked at LSC. Working 10 hrs. per shift up at the top of the hill in the shack was incredibly boring work. The chairlifts streaming by every few seconds were hypnotizing. But – the end of season employee party was a riot! We used cafeteria trays to go down the hill. Dangerous and crazy – just like a young college kid liked it. [remember the caddie pool party scene in Caddyshack? Yah, kinda like that] My sister babysat for Roy Schaefer’s kids a few years earlier. I remember a story that Schaefer had a couple of Austrian ski instructors come to work at LSC – when they saw the little hill, they were dumbfounded. Good memories.

  24. Mike Potter says:

    I started skiing there when I was 3. I’d have to make a bold claim and say I easily have more time on that hill than anyone. Every winter, every day in every way until it closed. And then my junior high, high school days, night skiing was my thing. I have many, many memories. Was some of the best times in my young life. Until 9th grade I was huge on freestyle. As that was the cool trend. Moguls, jumping, ballet. Racing came next. I ended up going pro. I got to race against some of my childhood “wide world of sports” hero’s. Mike P

  25. eric harder says:

    Dont remember you were you from okemos or lansing. I went to e. Lansing. 1973. Jim crites did well in racing got to ski with john foster.

  26. Jeff Brosch says:

    My family use to own Mt Holiday in Traverse City. We bought all the ski hill lights among other things at the auction and are still lighting up Mt Holiday now. I remember there was a poma floating bull wheel chairlift that went up one side of the hill and down over the other side so you could load skiers from both sides of the hill with one chairlift. Somebody but the cable on that chairlift and let everything fall to the ground. Everything at that area was very vandalized by the time I saw it. I was 13 years old at the time of that sale.

  27. Floyd Sutherland says:

    I worked there 3 winters in late 60’s tow line opporater, played with the nodwell groomer, made snow. Been away for years, sad to see one more memory lost. Just what is there for kids to do here now?

    • eric harder says:

      Didnt you have a brother that went to elhs i think he was in my grade. I skied out there in the 60s and 70s before moving out west. Sorry to see it not there when i came would be skiig there today.

  28. Gregg Park says:

    What was the name of the ski shop / sporting goods store in Lansing or maybe East Lansing? They’re long gone now I’m sure. They sold goose down jackets, hiking boots, skis, bindings, boots. Kind of a high end place I guess. I can’t for the life of me remember the name and it’s bugging me!

    • eric harder says:

      I believe you are talking about sports miester on grand river in east lansing. The arboughs owned it . ted than joe. Tony vescolany was the guy down stairs that ran it. He latter owned it.he also had the pants store. I knew them well and were great people.

      • Win Stebbins says:

        There was Sportsmeister sporting downstairs in downtown East Lansing, and then Freestyle Sports in Okemos on the north side of Grand River Ave just east of Coral Gables. Freestyle was owned by Mike Miller and run by Bob Ucman, and they also ran the Rental Shop at the Lansing Ski Club for a few years just before the LSC folded due to Bankruptcy in 198___.

        Of course before them was Larabee’s in downtown Lansing.

        There now is a residential subdivision The Greens on the site of the LSC, after they bulldozed the top of the ski hill to make more building sites. Entry is off Park Lake Road.

        Walnut Hills Country Club, our neighbor to the west, is again going thru tough financial times.

        Win Stebbins in Holt MI 517 889-5096

  29. Gregg Park says:

    The shop I’m referring to was around in the ’60s and ’70s. Maybe longer. I’ve been in California since 1983.

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