Black Forest – Port Huron

On Jan. 4, 1968, The Cass City Chronicle printed the 1968 AAA Michigan Winter Sports Fun Guide. It listed Black Forest at 5570 Lapeer Rd, 5 mi. west of Port Huron, having 7 slopes and 4 rope tows, with snow-making and night skiing.

Lynn Barrett sends along the following Bing link to an aerial view and map showing the area as it is today just north of Lapeer Rd, east of Wadhams, about 5 mi. west of Port Huron on the Black River.

If you have any information about skiing at Black Forest or anywhere else in the Port Huron area, please post it or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

9 Responses to Black Forest – Port Huron

  1. Joe La Rue says:

    Black Forest is still there – I believe it to be condos now. The lodge was still there last time I looked (maybe ten years), the motel too. On Lapeer Rd., just west of Wadhams Rd. It, and Jack Pine Valley (another local ski area), are the only two places that I recall where the parking lot was at the top of the hills – you would make a run before being towed back up! Another similarity – both runs ended at a river or tributary, probably the same, the Black River. Maybe 120′ vertical, longest run maybe 700′, 6 or 7 ropes; not real challenging but a few trees, a couple trails, and lots of good looking girls, all about our age, it sure kept us coming back.

  2. Les Smith says:

    Dan and Dianne Foster were the owners of Black Forest and what a great couple to own a Ski Resort.BF was a fun ,close getaway that most young people in the Blue Water area enjoyed at one time or another.Although not big as hills go we made the best of it with jumps that we built,the TRAIL lol who knows what went on back there.A flask (you know that deer skin kind) was filled with Boones farm tucked under the ski coat purchased from The Ski Barn on 10th and Lappeer.

  3. Mattie says:

    Black Forest was a great ski area! We’re from Sarnia, Ontario – all our relatives lived in Port Huron.
    Spent a lot of time there as a kids. Tues & Wed nights were ski club nights and Saturdays as well. My older brother was a ‘ski patroller’ there for a bit. We were there a lot from about 1973 till 1983? Think it closed about 1985???
    – I remember Aerosmith & the Beatles blaring from the loud speakers.
    – Stray rental skis rocketing down the hill by themselves smacking the snow fence at the bottom.
    – Blue jeans, gaiters, ballet skiis, long hair, ski straps, leather palm protectors……
    – Oooh Ya, the “Trail” off the side, tryin to be cool with smokes, doin jumps, swigs & all that stuff.


  4. i. forgot says:

    How awesome was it that BF was there? It MADE POHO tolerable. It was alway a blast, and it seemed very “caddy shack-like”. . . ANyone who spent as many nights there as I did with friends from northern and PH will know exactly what I mean!!

  5. Joe Wolf says:

    My dad thought me to ski at Black Forrest. I was about 4 or 5 when I started skiing, and we went for several years. What I remember most is that the bunny hill was at the top, and right out in front of the lodge. I seem to remember a snow fence that was supposed to keep you from heading down the bigger bump run I immediately below it. Skiers right of that was the run I spent most of my time on, I can’t remember much about it other than there was a home about 2/3 of the way down on the right side of the run. There was a stand of trees that you could go right of if you were running the right edge of the run. My dad, when he wasn’t chasing my sisters or me, would ski the “big” run, which was called “Quarter Mile” after it’s length. It was past the lodge and all the way skiers left.

  6. Scott Barrett says:

    The biggest run on west side was called-SUICIDE- and also remember the trails where the big rooted pine tree was and starting from the top of the roots and jumping the little creek with the home made ramp going uphill.GOOD OLE DAYS

  7. John McLean says:

    I learned to ski there as well, coming over from Sarnia on a bus on wednesday nights. The rentals had no ski breaks, just a strap attached to your boot so if you fell and the skis came off they would flap all around as you rolled down the hill. Also, the rope tow….destroyer of crappy vinyls ski gloves, until i got the leather glove protector! Skiing in jeans with or with “K-way pants”. there was an arcade in the club house where I remember seeing Pac Man for the first time. Good times……

  8. Greg says:

    Ah, Black Forest !

    We too started by doing the Wednesday night bus trips from Sarnia, skipped the ski lessons and just learned to ski on our own. Still remember the Bee Gees playing on the loud speakers and skiing to the music ! Dollar nights there would have so many begineers that we would ski out of the tow rope ruts and pull the rope out onto the hill, all the beginners would fall like dominos, you could ski around the piles and have some fun !

    I remember some of the best of the local crew doing flips off a big jump built out of bounds, behind the lodge. Thats where I perfected the backscratcher, that I sometimes do to this day. It was a great little place to have some fun !

    Alpine Valley (first ski trip) and Black Forest were the start of ski adventures that have lasted a lifetime, and have included most of the “bumps” in southeast Michigan and southwestern Ontario. The bigger stuff like Collingwood’s Blue Mountain and Shanty Creek, and the top level mountains at Alyeska Alaska, Colorado, Canadian Rockies, and Kitzbuhel Austrian in January 2015 (watch the men’s downhill on the Hahnenkamm ! -> the scarest ski race in the world !)

    Oh ya ! skiing is such an adventure, especially getting out with friends and family ! Catch some rays, get the blood flowing, have a brew or two. Feel really lucky to get out, and still be able to keep at it !

    And Black Forest was the start !

  9. Steven Anderson says:

    I have purchased property@5562 Lapeer red,trying to find info and pictures of lost black forest lodge?

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