Circle TNT Ski Area and Campground – Port Huron

Apparently, Jack Pine Valley was renamed (or re-opened) as Circle TNT in the 1970’s according Scott Barrett who has sent us a picture of the area sign as proof. We have also received a picture of the area’s ski patch from David Whitehall who markets ski patches (and other memorabilia) on E-bay as The Vintage Argonaut. We have also found another mention of Circle TNT in the Benton Harbor News-Palladium for 11/24/71, mentioning in particular their toboggan facilities.

CircleTNTpatch-VATNT Ski Area Sign

If you remember skiing (or camping) at Circle TNT and can verify its location please leave a comment or contact us via the instructions on the About MILSAP page.

On November 1, 2015, a friend notified us that the TNT property was for sale.

lodgeatnt      towbaseattnt


3 Responses to Circle TNT Ski Area and Campground – Port Huron

  1. Joe Nanney says:

    Grew up there, my father and his brothers owned it, and pretty much the whole family was up there nearly every weekend working. Also had motocross races throughout the summer. we all just called it the Lodge.

  2. Michael Byers says:

    Yup, I worked and skied there. Made snow during the nights, pretty erie way out there with absolutely no one but the snow guns whistling and trudging up and down the slopes to de-ice and move the guns positions. Nice family. Got introduced through Paige Martin who’s husband Jim Martin rand the Ski Hut (where I also worked).

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