Fry’s Winter Sports Park – Comstock

The Cass City Chronicle, on Jan. 4, 1968 printed the “1968 AAA Michigan Guide to Winter Sports Fun.” It listed Fry’s Winter Sports Park, 6 1/2 mi. northeast of Kalamazoo as having 3 toboggan runs with toboggans furnished, skiing, rope tow, and skating. Apparently Fry’s operation ended that season as the Detroit Free Press on October 27, 1968 listed Fry’s among the 7 ski areas ceasing operation that year.

The Charter Township of Comstock now operates a park called Robert Morris Park. They note on their website that the park was purchased for $75,000 from Ed Fry who had operated it as Fry’s Landing. It opened on May 30, 1968 as Campbell Lake Park and was renamed Robert D. Morris Memorial Park on May 24, 1975.

The entrance to the park appears to be off Echo Valley Rd. although the best hills seem to be on the far (north) side of the lake. The entrance is about 200′ west of the entrance to Echo Valley Winter Sports Park, which appears to have had tobogganing and ski jumping, but not alpine skiing. Satellite imagery show the two areas to be adjacent.

If you have any information about skiing at Fry’s Winter Sports Park (or at Campbell Lake Park or Robert Morris Park after 1968) please post it or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

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  1. profesorav says:

    There is a thread on the Facebook Group Vanished Kalamazoo today (March 23, 2016) about a ski jump at Campbell Lake Park. One poster suggests going to Google Earth to see remnants of runs and a ski jump.

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