Grand Haven Ski Bowl – Grand Haven

AAA Motor News listed this as one of ten new ski areas in 1962.

Bob, in a comment below states that this area is still operating as Mulligan’s Hollow. Their web page states:

“The Ski Bowl at Mulligan’s Hollow was established in 1960, with a mission to provide area youth with affordable winter snow sports in a family oriented environment. The Ski Bowl is a unique community asset, providing winter recreational opportunities for thousands of area residents and tourists.

On Jan 4, 1968, The Cass City Chronicle printed the AAA Guide to Michigan’s Skiing Areas which listed the Grand Haven Ski Bowl with 4 ropes and 6 runs.

“Mulligan’s Lodge was built in 2005 with funding from the Grand Haven Rotary, City of Grand Haven, GHACF, the Ski Bowl support group, area businesses and many hours of volunteer labor.”

Mulligan’s has 6 slopes with 5 rope tows and offers night skiing during the week with day skiing on weekends.

If you have any information about skiing in or near grand Haven, please post them or send them to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

9 Responses to Grand Haven Ski Bowl – Grand Haven

  1. Bob says:

    Same as current Mulligan’s Hollow

  2. Bob S says:

    I am the Bob from above post. Finally skied here this past year on a bluebird day after walking the Grand Haven pier several times. Great views of Lk Mich from summit. Adults are FREE with a paid child/youth ticket($16 wkend) The teens just love this neat little 4 Ropetow area with jumps,jibs,etc.for the snowboarders.

    I intend to get back this coming year with my 5+8 yr old grandsons. Great to see a 50 yr old retro ropetow ski area( similiar to Pando) thriving in Coast Guard city!

  3. Tom Fullerton says:

    Learned to ski here on the bunny hill in 1963. No lessons. Then “progressed” to half way up the front hill. Great memories of playing tag with friends while night skiing. A not so nice memory….a nasty, double-spiral, off-to-hospital, fracture of my right tib and fib after a dare by friends off of… I should have known better, ginormous jump below the water tank. Feb.28, 1967.

  4. Bob Sisco says:

    View looking up the main hill 1/24/15


    Cardboard sled race video on front side


  5. Mulligan’s Hollow is technically the name for the recreational area adjacent to the Grand Haven YMCA that includes the Ski Bowl. “The Hollow,” as some locals call it, also has soccer and softball fields, basketball courts, and a wooden playground.

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