Grand Valley State Colleges Ski Hill – Allendale

Grand Valley State Colleges (now Grand Valley State University) had a ski hill on campus for a period of time. It was used by students for recreation and by the college Phys. Ed. department for ski classes.

Students ride the rope tow at Grand Valley State Colleges

Students ride the rope tow at Grand Valley State Colleges

If you have any information about skiing on the campus of GVSU or any other Michigan college, please leave a comment on one of our pages or send us the information vis the directions on the About MILSAP page.



GVSU Ski Hill

GVSU Ski Hill picture from Bob Sisco




8 Responses to Grand Valley State Colleges Ski Hill – Allendale

  1. Bob sisco says:

    Looks like near Grand river. No hill like this on main campus in Allendale. Curious to know who posted this picture and exact location.

  2. Richard Hendricks says:

    This is not my photo, but I lived nearby for a time, and skied there a lot.
    It was free.
    This image is looking East, that’s part of the Grand river flowing L to R.
    Behind you is the little A frame ski shack. Free hot drinks!
    They had lights and it was fun at night. The rope was fast.
    College racers would make legitimately good mogul runs.
    Tubers and sledders? Fine whatever.
    The area is still visible if you’re going up the hill to main campus, E to W.
    It’s right next to the highway, there was a gravel service road to get there.
    May it rise again.

  3. Lance Climie says:

    I was an employee at the Ski Hill in the winter of 1975-1976. We had a two story warming lodge and about 100 pairs of rental skis. Downhill Skiing was on the PE curriculum. Lit for night skiing. The picture was used in the “Lanthorn”.

  4. Bob Sisco says:

    Picture taken 3/2/15 going west on Lk Mich Dr
    I believe this bridge over Grand River was new in the last 10 years or so. The old bridge was north a little. I’m trying to figure out how to get there to inspect but I’m quite sure this was it. Slope is still not overgrown.


  5. Lance Climie says:

    I took skiing as a class (twice) and I also worked at the 2 story lodge at the top where we had over 100 complete sets of rental skis. It was a very busy place during the winter. 1975 -1977

  6. Kevin J. Anderson says:

    I worked there two season (1981-82). Great time, really was simple set up with few rules… fun.

  7. John Wyma says:

    I have skied and tobogganed there many times in the 1970’s, It was only a couple minute drive from home, I never knew what the hours were, but whenever I showed up, the tow was running and the lights were on at night. There was never a crowd or a wait for the rope. Back then I didnt have much money and the GVSU ski hill helped me a lot. I took my friends and family there too. I have not tried to locate the former location, but would guess that the new location of Highway M45 is on top of the ski hill. I was always sure that the area was for students, but nobody ever bothered the locals who used the hill. If I remember correctly there was a type of pull behind “groomer” roller setting near the top.

  8. Jordan seaver says:

    1. Take main entrance to GVSU from Lake Michigan Drive
    2. Follow N. Campus Drive until you reach E. Ravine Center Dr. where you take a left.
    3. Follow E. Ravine Dr. until your only option is to turn right into the parking lot.
    4. Follow the parking lot as far back forwards the Grand River as you can and it will end at the top of the ski hill.

    I have gone to the hill to sled and snowboard since I was a little kid; probably around 1994. It’s still a great hill.

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