Middleville Ski Resort – Middleville

In the April 1981 issue of the Blue and Gold Banner (not a reference to U of M, but to the colors of the Flag of the National Ski Patrol), newsletter of the Western Michigan Region of the NSP, there is a small article noting that the Middleville Ski Area opened for the season on Dec. 13, 1980 with all three members of their ski patrol on duty. They were anticipating doubling their number of patrollers with 2 candidates and an auxiliary member.

Here’s a link to a video of sledding at Middleville Ski Hill. It was mentioned in a discussion of the old ski hill on the Middleville Forum on Topix.com. I notice that “Middleville Lifer” refers to the area as ESCAR. Michigan Sled Riding mentions sledding on an old ski hill on the left side of Irving Rd. about an eighth of a mile from town.

Was this the same area known as Eskar Hills? If you remember skiing at Middleville or Eskar Hills, please post your information or forward it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

6 Responses to Middleville Ski Resort – Middleville

  1. RICHARD LAWS says:

    1980 my 6th grade class from Woodland Mi skied at the Middleville ski area! But I know for a fact it was closed by 1986.R.Laws

  2. Richard Hewitt says:

    Skied there in the early/mid sixties. Actually just found my embroidered patch that I proudly wore on my ski parka. I’d be happy to share a photo of it?

  3. Karen says:

    My father was a owner of Eskar Ski run. He just passed away last year and so many fond memories of the fun we use to have! I would love to see the old patch.

  4. Christopher Van Eerden says:

    I remember during the mid 90’s they were using the Middleville ski hill area for Mountain Biking Races and they called it the “Retro Ranch”. The clubhouse was renovated but I think it only last a couple of years.

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