Mt. Mesnard – Marquette

On January 17, 2013, Terry Rosenbaum left a comment on our Facebook page about an old ski area in the Marquette area called Mt. Mesnard. The Hill is sometimes today referred to as Mt. Marquette, but that would tend to confuse it with nearby Marquette Mountain, which is still functioning as a ski area.

According to Terry, the area had a tow and also a ski jump (perhaps referred to as Kirlin Hill). I can find no references to Kirlin Hill, but I did find a picture of Mt. Mesnard, complete with snow, skiers and tow. It was on the Superior View gallery site of Views of the Past. This appears to be another great collectibles shop with a great collection of historic Michigan pictures.

Mt. Mesnard courtesy of Superior View Gallery

Mt. Mesnard courtesy of Superior View Gallery

If you have any information about skiing (or jumping) at Mt. Mesnard, please leave a comment or send it via the directions on our About MILSAP page.

1 Response to Mt. Mesnard – Marquette

  1. Terry Rosenbaum says:

    While not specific as to location beyond “Marquette, MI”, here is a 2/7/1949 newspaper reference to Kirlin Hill in Marquette:,3243661

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