Thunder Bowl Ski Area – Manistique

I read somewhere that AAA Motor News listed this as a new ski area in 1962. On Feb. 3, 1966, it was listed in The Cass City Chronicle’s AAA Guide to Winter Sports Fun in Michigan as having 6 slopes and 2 tows with cross-country trails and tobogganing. On Thu., Dec. 10, 1970, the same paper’s AAA 1971 Winter Sports Fun List had the same information.

Thunder Bowl was 22 mi. northwest of Manistique on Thunder Lake. I see several references to it on the web as a former ski area now used as a sledding hill, and on the satellite and contour maps it looks like it may have been on the north-east-facing ridge of a hill just north of Thunder Lake.

If you have any recollections of lift-served skiing at Thunder Bowl in the UP, please post them in a comment here or send them via the instructions on the About MILSAP page,

6 Responses to Thunder Bowl Ski Area – Manistique

  1. Tom says:

    I remember being at Thunder Bowl during the summer of ’70. The hills had alot of damage by motocross bikes, but the two tow ropes with gasoline engines were still there. It was designated in the Hiawatha National Park map and we were curious to find it.

  2. Jim Clarke says:

    Was this run by the Thunderbowl Ski Club. Have an old patch from them. Will send a pic if wanted.

  3. Justin says:

    There is a tow rope and Poma lift here. I was too young but remember sledding there as our family homestead is in Isabella. My uncle and aunt had a cottage on thunder lake so we would head over there and sled. I think the counter weights are still there but it’s been 10 years since I’ve been.

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