Publications and Archives

Following are links to publications and archives of historical interest which may have published occasional articles related to skiing in Michigan.


Two Michigan papers which have their archives freely available on the Internet and which are indexed are The Cass City Chronicle and The Ludington Daily News. In addition to AAA Michigan winter sports guides, they occasionally published articles about events or

weather business news relating to Michigan ski areas.

The Cass City Chronicle archive site.

The Ludington Daily News archive site. Be sure to view the video to see how to use this site to best advantage.


The magazine Sports Illustrated, for many years printed a fairly comprehensive listing of ski areas, organized by region, in their November or December issue. They gave particular attention to new areas or new facilities, particularly slopes and lifts. They usually listed resort names, facilities, list of any changes, manager or owner’s name and contact information. The SI Vault can be found here.

An example : Sports Illustrated Vault, 1962 New Ski Facilities article.

Photo Archives

UpNorth Memories Antiques and Collectibles is a business in Traverse City, Michigan run by Donald Harrison which specializes in vintage paper collectibles such as old photos, postcards, and tickets, brochures, schedules, etc. He maintains a gallery on Flickr at containing literally thousands of pictures of items in his collection and a virtual storefront on E-Bay at Most of these items are not ski-related, but cover the gamut of historical topics regarding Michigan history.

Vintage Ski is a site on maintained by Jim Herrington. Tumblr is a host site which allows anyone to easily display almost any type of material on the Web. Vintage Ski displays (in Jim’s words) “A collection of pre-1975 ski imagery and history.” These include hundreds of drawings, paintings, photos, posters, ads, trail maps, and other items depicting the history of skiing. These are not restricted by area, but cover the entire world, including the arctic and antarctic, as well as Europe, Asia, Australia, Oceania, and North and South America. They date back from 1975 to the early 1800’s. You can find the archive at He also maintains a Facebook Page at

Michigan Out of Doors Magazine Cover 1952from Vintage Ski

Michigan Out of Doors Magazine Cover 1952
from Vintage Ski

Superior View, Views of the Past is an on-line sample gallery from a shop of the same name in Marquette. Their gallery page says: Founded in Marquette Michigan in 1978, Superior View is the collection of photographer Jack Deo. An award winning photographer since 1969, Deo’s historical photographic collection began with the acquisition of the original negatives from the famous studio, The Childs Art Gallery. Childs Art Gallery was founded in the 1860’s, by Brainard F. Childs. Childs was the premier photo artist of the Upper Peninsula. His stereoscopic series, The Gems of Lake Superior, captured the beauty, and history of the Lake Superior Region. For three generations, this historic studio captured every aspect of life in the North country.

This major collection led to the acquisition of dozens of negative archives. Original negatives were acquired from studios like J.W.Nara of Calumet, Peterson Brothers of Gwinn and Menominee, Nickolai Olli of Mohawk, Adolph Isler of Houghton and G.A. Werner of Marquette & Ishpeming. Many more private collections came from 35 years of copy and restoration work. The archive today contains over 100,000 images, covering the entire world for our online community to explore. For more information on the collection see our history section.

Occasional Publications

The Automobile Club, AAA Michigan, has published an annual guide to winter sports in Michigan for many years. In addition to printed copies, they customarily released copies to all Michigan newspapers for wide distribution. These were usually published sometime between late November and early January. The listings featured resort names, locations, facilities, and contact information.

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  1. Are there any trail maps still around from the old “Pinnacles Ski Resort” in Gaylord, MI?

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