Ski Area Patches and Pins

Pictures of Ski Area Patches Sent by Friends of MILSAP

Pictures of Ski Pins Sent by Friends of MILSAP.

Other Items.

Tyrolean Hills Hoodie

Tyrolean Hills Hoodie


Lansing Ski Club Sign

22 Responses to Ski Area Patches and Pins

  1. Anton Mal says:

    Love this section! Wish someone had some Walloon stuff to post, I know they had sold a lot of patches and pins.

    • MILSAP says:

      Anton, we just added a picture of some pins with a pin from Walloon included. The guy who sent them has them for sale at $10 each. Check out out main blog post for 5/1/14.

  2. kapollock says:

    do you have a Tyrolean Hills pin?

  3. kapollock says:

    How do I submit a patch? I have a one that is not included.

  4. cliff218 says:

    sorry I don’t have that one

  5. John Krueger says:

    If someone has a Carousel Mountain ski pin they’d like to sell, I’d be interested.

  6. Pat Fritsch says:

    Does anyone have mount Grampian patches for sale? Pat@

  7. Mike L. says:

    I happen to have ski patches to Teeple Hill, Irish Hills International Ski Resort, and Riverview Highlands. Would you like me to send pictures (jpg) of all 3 for your gallery? Unless you’re collecting them, too.

  8. rpmpat says:

    thanks for the shout out, I am looking for Mt. Grampian patches exclusively.

  9. Drew says:

    Would anyone be interested in selling any Carousel Mountain memorabilia?

  10. Robert Mogford says:

    I am a patroller at Nubs Nob. We have a Walloon Hills patch in our patrol room. I would be happy to send a picture if someone would tell me how. My brother in laws father was one of the founders/ owners of Walloon Hills before they sold to Boyne.

  11. lisa Elhardt says:

    I am looking for Willard , Maple Ridge, West Mt ski patches.

  12. Richard Hewitt says:

    Just posted a picture of the Eskar ski area from MIddleville, on my Facebook page. I’d be happy to email it to you directly. Pretty sure I have a patch from Carousel Mountain and from Bear Mountain

  13. Dave says:

    Would anyone be interested in selling pins or patches from the following locations?
    Lansing Ski Club
    Thunder Mountain
    Schuss Mountain
    Crystal Mountain
    Sugar Loaf Resort


  14. jcolingham says:

    I was told that Mt Bohemia already stopped producing patches for sale due to wanting to control their brand. Does anyone have an original Mt Bohemia patch for sale?

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