Cannonsburg – Bellmont

Cannonsburg’s website says they opened for business in 1965. As they approach their 50th anniversary, they are apparently still going strong.Cannonsburg Patch from Bernie Riehl

If you have any information, photos, brochures, patches, tickets, memories of the early days of skiing at Cannonsburg, please post them in a comment on this page or pass them along to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

2 Responses to Cannonsburg – Bellmont

  1. Tom Oakes says:

    I started teaching at Cannonsburg in 1974, and have been there ever since. The area was built by Bill Goff in 1965, I believe…we are going srong, and over the years have added a double chair, triple and quad. In the late 70s the area was sold to the Brown family, originally from St Ignace, who held it until three years ago, and the area is now under the ownership of Doug Gale. we have a huge reputation in both racing (being the home to Win Alpine) and teaching (at one time I think we had nine PSIA examiners on staff. It has been agreat ride, and I expcet it to continue

  2. John Wyma says:

    There used to be a loft in the peak of the ceiling of the cafeteria building, there was a very narrow stairs leading up to the loft, kind of tricky to climb in ski boots, everything seemed to be covered in long shag carpet, the teens used to go up there to smoke, it was so popular that you had to wait until someone left, so you could climb up and have a smoke. I dont know when that loft was built or when it was removed, but I was up there about 1968-1970.
    If anyone remembers when the loft was removed, please post your information.

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