Caberfae Peaks – Cadillac

While looking for pictures or brochures about Caberfae, I ran across this  picture of a ski jumper taken at Caberfae in 1949. You can’t see the jump, but the form (1949 vintage) is unmistakably that of a ski jumper, not an (alpine) terrain jumper.

Ski Jumper at Caberfae, 1949

I have no other information about ski jumping at Caberfae, but the area dates to 1938 for alpine skiing with the first tow installed in 1940. It was not unusual for ski areas to include alpine, cross-country, and ski jumping well into the 1960’s.

If you have any information about ski jumping at Caberfae, please pass it along via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

3 Responses to Caberfae Peaks – Cadillac

  1. MILSAP says:

    On 4/2/2015, Patrick hanlon left the following comment on the About MILSAP page. I am reproducing it here.
    The summer of 1966 a couple of friends and I rode from Lansing to Cadillac on our motorcycles. We rode west of Cadillac and came across a large abandoned ski jump. The jump had trees growing up through it. It seemed to be at caberfae. I’ve looked for photos and people who remember it to no avail. While making a delivery to caberfae in the 90’s I quizzed a few older worker’s there. No one knew anything about it.
    Pat Hanlon

    • Michael Sleep says:

      I found a framed picture of a painting titled “Skiing at Caberfae”, in the photo there was a ski jump. I did some research and found out that the painting was done by a Michigan artist named Carlos Lopez who was a prof at U of M. The painting was from 1938 and was part of a traveling art exhibit call Michigan on Canvas in 1939

  2. Anton Mal says:

    Does anyone have good information on plans here?

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