Newago Winter Sports Park – Newago

On Fri., Mar. 14, 1941, the “Michigan Mirror” column in The Cass City Chronicle said:

The Newaygo winter sport park on M-37 has a toboggan slide,
skating rinks and natural ski runs. A second toboggan slide
is planned for 1942.

I do not know if the area was near the Newago State Park on the Hardy Dam Pond or closer to the town of Newago, although M-37 does not run close to the park.

On October 27, 1968, The Free Press listed the Newago Winter Park as a new ski area opening that year. I do not know if it had been closed for a year or more prior.

On Jan 4, 1975, The Cass City Chronicle printed the AAA Guide to Michigan’s Skiing Areas which listed Newago County Winter Park as having 1 slope and 1 tow. The address given was Rt 4, box 420.

If you have any information about skiing in the Newago area, please post it or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

7 Responses to Newago Winter Sports Park – Newago

  1. Bob says:

    On M37, concrete toboggan 2 chutes still there, ex ski hill open for sledding, refurbished recently, Newaygo tourism office on site. Snowmobiling trail across street w parking.

  2. Bob Sisco says:

    Picture of concrete toboggan chutes. Had heard someone got seriously injured


  3. Bob Sisco says:

    The old ski hill which is now open for sledding


  4. Bob Sisco says:

    Old rope tow line


  5. W.C. Boonstra says:

    1974., 1975. A small sign on maple island road east side white backing red letters…north of the muskegon river bridge said…ski whiskey ridge…i understand that newago sports park had a slope s with a rope tow….anyone know if this sigh was whiskey ridge?..

  6. W.C. Boonstra says:

    Bob sisco?. Was this whiskey ridge ski area a slope or two with a rope tow seperate from newago sports park which listed 1968. a ski hill rope tow toboggen and sledding?…By the defunct whiskey ridge raceway?…or same place

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