Mont Gabriel – Wolverine??? says Mont Gabriel  in Michigan installed a 1432′ poma with a 200′ rise in 1967 (not completed until 1968). So far, I can find no other reference to this area, but there is a Mont Gabriel Drive near Wolverine. Any connection?

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  1. R Glasser says:

    I indeed learned how to ski there in 1970. Small operation, but the newfangled plastic boots and cubco bindings gave me enough to learn on. I’ll try to take some pics out there.

  2. MILSAP says:

    Jay Benda left the following information in a comment on our MILSAP Updates post on 01/13/2013: I can help confirm that there was a ski area near Wolverine. While I didn’t know the name of it, I worked with my dad, Ed Benda, on a project to remove the T-Bar and bring it to our ski area, Briar Hill. I was still in college (NMU) at the time, so I was only able to spend a couple days on the project with him. I have a very distinct memory of the moment we lowered the downhill cable wheel from the steel structure. Piece by piece, trailer load by trailer load, we brought the entire T-Bar down 131 (roughly 100 miles) to Briar. That project is still on our list. Ed bought Briar Hill in the mid 70s.
    By the way, my 6 brothers and I ski jumped at Briar in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. We continue to ski there and we have countless pictures that would document those years.

  3. Tom Sandison says:

    . I remember Mt Gabriel. I skied there a few times in the early 70″s. It was part of “Wildwood Valley”. A real estate development company called American Land opened it. They were the company that started “Wildwood Valley”. A development that also included a golf course. They created Wildwood Lake and Echo Lake by damming up streams. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt soon after Mt Gabriel opened.

  4. MILSAP says:

    Pat Dorsey on May 19, 2015 said: There was a small ski area located just east of Wildwood Lake in Wolverine. It was only open for a season or two in the early 1970s. It was called Mount Gabriel. You can still see the runs through the trees if you look at a satellite image. Look just east of Wildwood Lake at the east end of T-Bar Drive. We used to ride our 4 wheelers up to the top until someone bought the property about 5 years ago.

  5. Amanda Miller says:

    Is this perhaps related to the old, abandoned ski lodge off of Ave Du Chalet?

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