Chatham Ski Hill – Chatham

South of Au Train and southwest of Munising, Chatham Ski Hill is a small, community area just outside the town of Chatham. They are currently preparing for the 2011-12 season. Chatham has one rope tow, lights on at least part of the hill, and last season (2010) was open Wednesday evenings, Friday evenings (maybe, I’m not clear about this), and Saturday and Sunday days. Day passes were $5 and family season passes were $130. Sledding was free and open every day, but they ask you to please keep to the beginner hill.

If you have any information about skiing at Chatham Ski Hill, please post it or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page. We’d like to find out how long this area has been here.

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  1. Marc Thomas Collier says:

    Hello, I am the current Assistant Manager for the Chatham Ski Hill, as was I last season 2010-2011. The official name is “Hiawatha Slopes” though I have never heard it referred to as anything but “Chatham Ski Hill”. Hours of Operation are Saturday 1-6pm, Sunday 1-4pm, Wednesday 4-8pm. Last year the only difference in hours were Sunday was 12-4pm. Day pass is $5, family season pass $130, individual $90. The ski hill has a small classic A-frame chalet that has a wood stove, which is used during hours of operation, as is mix your own hot chocolate for a suggested 50 cent donation. It is arguable how many runs the ski hill has, it is mostly one hill, with a steeper section in one area, and a “sledding area” where a older run down tow rope is. There is also a network of xc ski trails connected to the area. The ski hill is located in the Hiawatha National Forest, and is leased by Rock River Township. The ski hill is located at the end of Samuelson Road(stay right after passing a cemetary, snowmobile trail utilizes what is a seasonal road), which is located on M-94 just east of Chatham. Of course there are a number of back road alternatives. From what I’m told the ski hill has been around a long time. Apparently people use to ski it before any development took place, when is was just a “big” hill in the the woods. The chalet itself is atleast 30 years or older. As I gather more information i’ll send it your ways, hope this helps some, Marc

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