Village Inn – Walloon Lake

Chris Marty informs me and Henry Walder confirms that the Village Inn, a lodge and restaurant on Walloon Lake, had a T-bar on a hill behind the lodge that served one slope. Chris recollects that the place was run by Har McKinnon before he started Walloon Hills. Also connected with the lodge may have been Cliff Gratsch who went on to manage “The Cliff Dweller” lodge at Boyne Mountain.

If you remember the T-bar at the Village Inn or have any other memories of skiing in Michigan, please pass them along by leaving a comment on our blog site or our Facebook page, or contacting us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

1 Response to Village Inn – Walloon Lake

  1. Hello, As new owners of the property, we can provide some details about the Village Inn. We have some brochures from that time that mention a Baby Poma lift and part of that infrastructure is still here. We are also piecing together the history. More info here We have some other photos and are always looking for more!

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