Elberta Mountain Winter Sports Park and Ski Jump – Elberta

In the dunes?

In 1951, Reggie Robertson, identified as president of the Elberta Ski Club and founder of the Elberta Mountain Winter Sports Area, spoke to the Frankfort Rotary Club about the history of skiing and its growing popularity in America and told the story of the building of the Elberta ski area. This from The Benzie County Patriot, February 15, 1951.

On Fri., Jan. 25, 1952, The Ludington Daily News winter sports report listed Elberta as having 6″ of new snow over a 2″ base with excellent ski conditions.


6 Responses to Elberta Mountain Winter Sports Park and Ski Jump – Elberta

  1. bill Jennings says:

    the jump was in the woods behind and south of T-Mac’s small machine shop. There was a set of steps from the road just past the last house on the west side of Elberta heading toward the dunes area. At the top of the steps climb you would look to the left and see the hill area.

  2. Tom Fullerton says:

    Sounds like where I used to launch my Hang Glider; 1973.

    • Tom, not the same place. The Hang Gliding hill was a significant distance south of where the ski jump was. The access to the ski jump was on the village side of the hill, where-as the hang gliding hill you had to go down to the beach and drive along the hill to get to the launch area. Unless you were a local kid like me and climbed over the hill to get to the launch area.

  3. Garrett Mitchell says:

    If you wanted to see what remains of Elberta Mountain Winter sports. You can take a 5 min walk And see some of the steel structura that remain, mainly the ski lift up the hill

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