Oakland University Ski Tow — Rochester

WaltF clued us in to this one. OU had a rope tow that was authorized and built in 1962, shows up on DTE aerial photos from 1967, and is mentioned in the school newspaper in 1976. I have moved Walt’s post to appear below because he includes links to each of his sources.

What is interesting to me is that my wife attended OU in the mid-’60s and again in the early ’70s. She says the tow was not operating during the winters of ’66 and ’67, but that it was in the early ’70s. She remembers “traying” on the hill next to the IM building in the ’60s and says there was no tow for skiers. Perhaps there was a break in operations, or perhaps she just doesn’t remember. After all, she neglected to tell me about this tow and I had to find out from Walt.

1 Response to Oakland University Ski Tow — Rochester

  1. MILSAP says:

    Submitted by WaltF, 2014/01/14 at 1:49 am

    Oakland University used to have a ski tow next to the athletic building.

    In fact it still shows up on topo maps

    on this 1967 DTE Aerial, you can just barely make it out on the south-east side of the Intramural Building (at one time Lepley Athletic Center)

    Click to access 4583-1879.pdf

    according to the Administrative group Meeting Minute dated August 27, 1962, page2
    the tow was installed that fall in preparation for the 1962 – 1963 ski season

    and the tow must have been operational at least as late as during the winter of 1976 according to the school rag,

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