Suicide Hill – Ishpeming

Suicide Hill hosts 5 jumps: HS96, HS66, K40, K20, and K13. The HS96 is a 90m jump and the HS66 is a 60m jump. The first jump was built here in 1925 when the locals were looking for a bigger hill for longer jumps and jumping has continued here continuously for over 85 years.  The first competition took place in Feb. 1926.

The Ski Jumping Hill Archive lists Suicide Hill, but none of the previous facilities at which competitions took place from 1882 and annually from 1888 through 1925. According to the history reported on the Ishpeming Ski Club website, temporary locations were used until around 1901 when the competition was held at Brasswire (or Brass Wire) Hill. Around 1907, it was moved to Jackson Hill. For 1923, it moved to East New York Hill, and the following year it moved again to Rocky Walter Huns Anderson, before finally moving to the hill that became known as Suicide hill in 1926. Most of these early hills were named for nearby iron mines.

The main jumps were renovated in 1972 and the youth jumps were added progressively thereafter. Work is ongoing to build roads to allow better snow delivery during the winter and to install all-weather jumping surfaces to allow year-round practice.

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