Mt. Maria – Lincoln, MI

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Mt. Maria was at the S. end of Hubbard Lake. It functioned as a ski area in the 1960’s and 70’s. Originally, it’s main lift was a fixed-pole Poma lift with a rope tow on the beginner hill and the back hill. The poma lift was replaced with a double chairlift in the 70’s.

On Jan. 4, 1968, The Cass City Chronicle printed the AAA Guide to Winter Sports Fun in Michigan which listed Mt. Maria with 5 slopes, Pomalift, 2 ropes, snowmaking and night skiing. They don’t mention them, but the bar served great burgers.

The Mt. Maria property was redeveloped as a resort/real estate development and is now for sale. The former link with pictures of the site no longer works, but you can see the real-estate listing complete with hyperbole (“Lake Tahoe of the East”) at As of July, 2014, the area (along with the neighboring Timberline Ski Area acreage) was sold at auction and the new owners may think about re-opening them as a new ski area.

24 Responses to Mt. Maria – Lincoln, MI

  1. Jenny Bennett says:

    I grew up in Hillman, Michigan and skied at Mt. Maria with high school friends in the early 80’s. We always went for night skiing, probably because it was cheaper!!

  2. D. Sampson says:

    Why did it close?

  3. Mike Desotell says:

    The equipment rental storage building burnt down in the early 90’s.

  4. Gayle Walsh says:

    I too skied there in the early 80’s with my high school (Oscoda). I was wondering if you remember the concert that was there in the early 80’s. I can’t seem to remember the singer. I keep thinking Eddie Money but I don’t think that is right.

  5. Anton Mal says:

    The second link is broken. The first link though has a lot of pictures of old resorts, very nice

    Curious as to how much vertical Maria has… Will be interesting to see if the new owners open it up

    • MILSAP says:

      We replaced the broken link (although the new one lacks the on-site pictures and the (pseudo?) American Indian history–but it makes up for them with the real-estate hyperbole). As I remember, Mt. Maria had around 300′ of vertical. The top third of the main slope would mogul nicely and It was a challenge to schuss the rescue toboggan down every night and stop before hitting the big plate glass windows in the dining room.

    • Reba . M says:

      Sorry to say, the new owner is a disabled veteran and purchased it as his home, he won’t be reopening it. I have been talking to him about fixing up and perhaps rent out cabins still for hunting season an such , has no plans as of now, but is looking to get help with plumbing and electrical it needs and he has no shower so if anyone is interested in helping the veteran go to the lodge to let him know. thank you

  6. Dale Lee says:

    I ski patrolled Mt Maria in 81. Left for Dallas Tx that following spring, but just retired and live in Livonia with a Lake House on Hubbard lake. My dream would be to have that place open up again. To be able to pop over for an afternoon or evening of skiing would be perfect. There are no other options on this side of the State. If done right, people would come.

  7. Cris says:

    I remember skiing there when I was stationed at Wurtsmith AFB. It was a great place to ski and I have great memories. Now I live in Steamboat Springs Co. SKI Town USA. My son in in the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club that has produced more Olympic Skiers than any other town in the World. I know ski all winter long. Thanks Mt. Maria for helping me find my true passion.

    • C.M. says:

      I learned to ski at Mt Maria too! I have a patch from there and lots of memories. My family was also stationed at Wurtsmith AFB. … I now live in COlorado SPrings and we ski all over Colorado, Copper Mtn being our favorite.

    • MSCFO says:

      I was stationed at Wurtsmith from 82-88 and a lot of the cops i worked with would go have a blast here . a lot of sore and bruised muscles from skiing !!!!!

  8. Chris says:

    Grew up skiing there. Went several times while at Oscoda High School. I really miss that place. Currently statione in Germany and just got back into skiing. Sure brought back some memories.

  9. Paul Price says:

    I was on the ski patrol for twos yrs there 83 & 84. I was stationed in the US Coast Guard at Tawas. It was a nice place but small, nice people.

    • Tracey Lane says:

      You still around, Paul? I learned to ski at Mt. Maria during that same time. I most likely saw you on the hill. I was in the AF, stationed at Wurtsmith. I trust all is well.

  10. Kerry Weber Boone says:

    Mt. Maria was the BEST! I skied there from 1970-1986…Hung out with the Thirstons, Hooks, Lumsdens, Thomas’, C Baker and had the best time of my life skiing there! We would set gates on the main hill and break bamboo all day!! It’s such a shame that it is no longer a ski area. RIP Mt. Maria and THANK YOU! – Kerry (Weber) Boone

  11. C.M. says:

    Early 70’s was when I skied at Mt Maria. It was middle school ski club in Oscoda. Our family was stationed at Wurtsmith AFB. I’d love to have a set of those old bindings to hang on the wall. NOw I live in Colorado Springs and we ski all over Colorado. Perhaps Crested Butte reminds me more of Mt Maria but on a larger scale.

  12. Tim Finn says:

    My family with our neighbors took a couple of trips to Mt. Mariah from Detroit. We stayed in in A-frame cabins, snowmobiled in the woods, used the pomalift skied the main hill and the back trails. The lodge had that perfect rustic ski atmosphere. Great memories.

  13. Lori S. Lowery says:

    I learned to ski there with the Alpena schools and I think the newspaper also sponsored the Ski Bus. We skied the Timberline Trail through the cottages. I just loved my years there. (1972-78). You could buy a season pass in the summer for $95. Lori Schrotenboer Lowery

  14. Shawnee Marie Bigelow says:

    I lived right there on the South Shore and grew up skiing ther,, 1975-1981. The hill names were Mt Mariah, Chute, Baker, and Bunny with several back trails. Baker trail was my favorite. My mom used to work in the ski shop and they had the best fries and burgers around…not to mention hot cocoa. I have the best memories of my life there. Every time school was out due to snowy weather, we’d all head to the slopes on our snowmobiles. The best times ever!

  15. Scott M. says:

    I to was stationed at Wurtsmith AFB in the early 90’s and learned to ski on that hill. Had some good times and met some great people up there.

  16. Scott says:

    I skied for the very first time there with my Boy Scout troop in 1972. I have been skiing every since am now in my 9th season as a ski instructor at Jay Peak Resort in Northern Vermont

  17. Steve Case says:

    I learned to ski there in the early 70. Had leather lace up boots, wooden skis. I would ski til I couldn’t feel my feet. Then go to the lodge and warm them at the fire. Great memories. Thank you Mt Maria I am addicted.

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