Bremer’s Hill – Suttons Bay

On April 3, 2014, David Zemens passed along the following information:

Just heard that there used to be a ski hill called Bremer’s ski hill, with a rope tow. Located on or about what is now the Ciccone Winery in Sutton’s Bay, on Hilltop Road. I don’t have any more detail than that, but wanted to pass it on. Cheers!

Apparently, the information was posted on the Friends of Sugar Loaf Facebook page by Margo Jo. Interestingly, Bremer’s Hill would have been almost due east of Sugar Loaf, on the other side of Lake Leelanau.

If you have any information about tow-served skiing at Bremer’s Hill, please post a comment or pass it along via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

1 Response to Bremer’s Hill – Suttons Bay

  1. margo says:

    Hi I am Margo and I am going to gather some info for you on Bremer’s Ski Hill…All I remember is the Dad’s helped with the operation and the Mom’s made hot chocolate in the old farmhouse…I loved going there

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