Hilton Shanty Creek – Bellaire

Shanty Creek was developed by some local investors with a Hilton franchise for the lodge as a verrrry high end, ritzy area. In 1985, Clubcorp purchased Shanty Creek and nearby Schuss Mountain and combined operations under the Shanty Creek name. They continue to operate both ski hills (about 3 miles apart) but refer to the former Shanty Creek slopes as Summit Mountain.

In 1962 Sports Illustrated reported on Shanty Creek, Bellaire: New area; with a 900′ Heron-single chair lift with a 277′ rise, plus T bar; six trails. Lodge located at top of hill with 108 rooms, dining room, lounge, ski shop with rentals; heated pool; natural ice rink. Also on the property are an 18-hole golf course and an airport with 5,000-foot runway. Apparently they did not make their scheduled opening because the following year SI noted:

In 1963, Sports Illustrated: Shanty Creek, Bellaire: Contrary to its name, this $2.5 million establishment has become one of the state’s classiest areas and for the first time will be open for the full season. It offers a 3,800-foot chair lift, T bar, two Poma platters and two rope tows. There are 10 slopes and trails. Other facilities include a 91-room lodge, a restaurant and cafeteria, a ski shop with rentals, a heated pool, a natural ice rink and parking for 3,000 cars. There is also an 18-hole golf course under construction and an airport two miles away.

In 1963, skilifts.org lists 2 new pomalifts at Shanty Creek each with a 200′ vertical rise.  In 1964, skilifts.org says Shanty Creek added a 2540′ Riblet double chairlift with a 276′ rise. In 1971, skilifts.org listed a new 1662′ Riblet double chairlift with a 266′ vertical rise at Shanty Creek. In 1980, skilifts.org reported HSC added a 1088′ Riblet double rising 216′.

If you have any information about the development of Shanty Creek, please post it or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP  page.

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