Petoskey Winter Sports Park – Petoskey

According to Scott Stillings, The Petoskey Winter Sports Park had ski jumps (note the plural) from the 1930’s until the early 1960’s when they were demolished. Does anyone have any pictures of jumping at PWSP?

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  1. Scott Stillings says:

    Thanks for mentioning the jumps. There is plenty of film evidence in Forgotten Films “Winter Wonderland” documentary dvd by Bill Jamerson. Just Google Forgotten Films and Bil will get you a copy. The major configuration change (jump hills removed) in The Winter Sports Park occurred when they built the land bridge “around” downtown and above the waterfront marina, according to local legend. I have Petoskey WInter Sports Festival pins dating from 1934 until 1960 featuring jumpers. In the Forgotten Films footage there is a great parade featuring the Petoskey High School Marching Band on skis heading down Mitchell St! I still ski there annually.

  2. Scott Stillings says:

    I believe the Petoskey Downtown “bypass” was built sometime between ’62 and 64. Where the Petoskey Winter Sports Park jumps were… it’s now apartment buildings. The jumps faced north with an undoubtedly great tree-less view of the large sand dunes known today as Boyne Highlands and Nub’s Nob. The famous artist Stanley Kellogg annually built his Ice Maiden sculptures in the area now occupied by The Demmer Center and the local hospice across US-31 to the south from the Kilwin’s Chocolate emporium in Petoskey.

  3. Susan Brown Johnson says:

    I have a ski jumping trophy that my Dad won at the jump in early 1920’s.

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