Cadillac Ski Areas

Cadillac areas

2 Responses to Cadillac Ski Areas

  1. Steve Erber says:

    One of the oldest ski hills in Cadillac was Diggins Ski Hill located adjacent to the water tower. It was a municipal area with 2 rope tows and 4 runs and operated until 1968. There was also a large skating rink and warming hut nearby. I’ll try to find some pictures to forward to you as I spent much of my youth on that slope.

    • MILSAP says:

      Steve, I had located Diggins Hill on an old MUCC map in early December and had been searching for information about tows. Thanks for the confirmation, I have just added a Diggins Hill page to MILSAP. Please send along the pictures you mentioned. We would love to post them.

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