Lee Tow Winter Sports Park – Caro

Listed as one of ten new ski areas in Michigan in the Jan ’62 issue of Motor News (now Michigan Living), apparently they were a year or so behind the times. The Cass City Chronicle for Thu., Dec. 15, 1960 contained an article, “Lee-Tow Ski Park Opens on M-46” on Pg. 10. They said it had two tows “which run up six to seven hundred feet.” They anticipated a beginners tow, were building a toboggan run, scheduled to be completed by Jan. 1, and planned night skiing although it was “not definite at this time.” They placed it 11.5 mi. west of M-53 and 3.5 mi. east of M-24. According to the Cass City Chronicle for Jan. 19, 1967, Lee-Tow had just installed it’s 4th rope tow and was the cheapest place to ski in Michigan, calling it “the poor man’s Boyne Mountain (possibly the area’s own motto).” Lee-Tow apparently specialized in teaching new skiers by providing instruction for free.

The Cass City Chronicle on Feb. 17, 1966 printed the following article:

Ski Resort to Lose Its Hill
James M. Moore, manager of the Lee Tow Winter Sports Area, west of Kingston on M-46, is trying desperately to save his ski slope from the big buckets of the road builders.
The hill on which he operates is owned by the county and leased from the County Road Commission. The west half of the hill is slated for removal for fill for the M-46 roadbed. When the earth is removed the east slope and crest will tip and spill to about a half of its present elevation, Moore claims.
Moore says that he has tried repeatedly to convince the road commission of the importance of the slopes without success. Basically, Moore says that the slopes are worth more to the county as a recreation area than they are to the county as fill dirt for the road.
He says that his ski tow brings in business from Saginaw, Bay City, Detroit, Marlette, Sandusky, Harbor Beach, Bad Axe, Caseville, Sebewaing and many others. Moore is asking for action from county residents. . .requesting that they write the Tuscola County Board of Supervisors at the Courthouse in Caro and ask for reconsideration of the ski area.

Lee-Tow placed ads regularly in the classified section of the Cass City Chronicle. This practice seemes to have ceased after the 1967-68 season. Was this the last season for Lee-Tow? Did they lose their hill to a gravel pit for the road?

Lee-Tow was located off M-46 west of Kingston on land leased from the county.

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