Cole Creek – Comins

Gerry Geletzke advised us in a comment on the Fonro page that the area was later renamed Cole Creek. It operated as a year-round resort but in the winter it had: “three primary ski trails, three rope tows and a couple of smaller trails through the woods (loosely six or seven ski runs total).”

Gerry added, “They had a main lodge with a bar, kitchen, dining room, a wonderful central fireplace and a dance floor. They also had two separate lodging accommodations (an A-frame and a B-frame) and a travel trailer. It also had a swimming pool, and a small barn. The property had extensive snowmobile trails, deer blinds, a grass aircraft landing strip and an old rundown house in the woods. On weekends they would have live bands perform and the lodge was usually packed.”

If you have any memories Cole Creek, either skiing in the winter or in any other season, Please let us know by posting a comment or sending us a message via the instructions on the About MILSAP page.

4 Responses to Cole Creek – Comins

  1. Charlie O says:

    Fonro/Cole Creek is now known as Nawakwa Hunt and Gun Club. It was for sale a year ago, the largest single tract of land for sale in the state at the time. It is located ~2 miles east of M33 on Emig road. I believe the owner of the Jets pizza chain purchased it. The lodge is still there though run down and the shooting ranges look to be intact.

  2. adez7tris says:

    When I was a child I was on the ski patrol at Fonro lodge under the tutelage of Tom Straily. I spent many of very memorable times there and it is still dear to my heart to this day.

    I personally new the owners and their son who I spent great times with.

  3. Susan Edwards says:

    In the 70’s, I spent many a winter at Cole Creek skiing over Christmas break with my family and my cousins. We would rent an A-frame and ski all day on the two hills. There were 8 kids in my family and we would line up to have my dad lace our tie up boots nice and tight. A definite highlight from childhood.

  4. Lisa says:

    My dad just told me a story while visiting him this past week. He was 14 or 15. Lived in Atlanta. He was in my uncles band. My Grandma made them matching jumpsuits with baby blue silk shirts to audition to play at Cole Creek. They showed up, the owner walked in looked at them and said you look professional Youre hired. πŸ™‚ They were the house band for awhile packing the house every weekend. I have lived about a mile from the lodge for 20+ years and never knew my familys history there. Quite cool.

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