Schussaway – Lowell

On Fri., Jan. 25, 1952, The Ludington Daily News winter sports report lists Schussaway, near Lowell as having 1″ of new snow on top of a 3″ base with excellent skiing. Lowell is just east of Grand Rapids and a short way south of Cannonsburg where the Cannonsburg Ski Area still operates. So far, he only other reference to Schussaway I have seen on the Internet was a mention of the area in a list of Michigan ski areas which were reporting excellent conditions just before Christmas, 1951. This was in the Toledo Blade, on Dec. 23, 1951, sec 4, pg 5.

If you have any information about Schussaway or other lift-served skiing in the Lowell, Michigan area, please post it or send it via the contact instructions on the ABOUT page.

1 Response to Schussaway – Lowell

  1. ProfesoraV says:

    I was in Lowell recently, and the location of this old slope crossed my mind. I did some digging and finally found someone who knew the answer. Schussaway was located off of M-21 on the far eastern edge of Lowell. It only operated for a few years in the early fifties, and the lift was a rope tow, powered by a tractor. There was one run and no lodge. My eternal gratitude to a Lowell person who has asked to remain anonymous!

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