Briar Mountain – Norway

In 1974, reports the installation of 2 double chairs, made by Rice, with 282′ and 304′ verticals at a new area referred to as Norvul. I reckon this refers to the towns of Norway and Vulcan which are about a mile apart on US-2 just South of Briar Mountain. I’m not sure the area operated under this name; it might have been a corporate parent.

In 1977, there was an area operating as Vulcan USA in Vulcan. It had 2 chairs, 1 rope and 9 slopes. Was this the same area as Norvul? Was this the real name of Norvul? Was this another place altogether?

Briar Mountain was operating here in 1979 and 1983 when Closser Associates, an appraisal company, was called in to evaluate their operations, which were having financial problems. Closser recommended re-contouring and balancing terrain to provide more lower-intermediate opportunity.

Briar is now operating as Norway Mountain and has been since before 2001 when Closser were called in to perform an analysis of the area and found the operations much improved. The Norway Mountain web site says the area has been operating since 1993.

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