Mt. Joy – Wakefield

I found this one in an AAA Guide to Winter Sports Fun in Michigan published in The Cass City Chronicle on Feb. 3, 1966. The listing says Mt. Joy had a 1000′ slope with tows and several beginners slopes. The map places it a bit south and east of Ironwood, south of Big Powderhorn and Indianhead. The map wasn’t really meant to be locational, except in a general sense. That’s a big area and I haven’t noticed anything like an old, overgrown small ski area on the satellite.

Carl Hill sent the following message and newsclipping to our Facebook page. He said,”Check out this photo & article on Mt Joy in Wakefield. I learned how to ski here in the late 50s. Two rope tows – “1st level & 2nd level”. Thanks to John Jakkola for holding down the rope for me so my skis would stay on the ground on the way up to 2nd level! Had lights and night skiing as well. Great fireplace in the lodge too.”

From the Wakefield News/Bessemer Pick & Axe, Thu. Jan 7, 2010, p21
courtesy of Carl Hill

If you have any information about skiing at Mt. Joy in the western UP, please post it here in a comment or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

1 Response to Mt. Joy – Wakefield

  1. mike says:

    Mt Joy is in Wakefield Michigan, about 10 miles east of Ironwood. It operated with a rope tow between 1958-1964, and reopened for a couple more years around 1969-1971.

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