Missaukee Mountain – Lake City

The Cass City Chronicle printed the AAA Michigan Guide to 1968 Winter Sports Fun on Jan. 4, 1968. It listed Missaukee Mountain, 3 mi. north of Lake City off M-66 as having 7 runs, 3 trails, and 3 tows.

About 3 mi. north of Lake City on M-66 there is a small rise to the west of the hwy. and it is encircled by Missaukee Hills Drive. There is a cleared area just east of a small lake which may (or may not) the the remains of the slopes.

If you have any information about skiing at Missaukee Mountain, please post it or send it to us via the directions on the About MILSAP page.

3 Responses to Missaukee Mountain – Lake City

  1. Adam Lohner says:

    Remains look to be just south of that location… there is even a road called “Missaukee Mountain Rd” leading up to a building of some sort. Always wondered what this place was when my family and I would drive past it. Planning to stop next time I drive through the area!

  2. John Wyma says:

    Looking at the satellite view at the end of Missaukee Mountain road, there appears to be a building, possibly the lodge, near the building there appears to be a groomer, and it looks like two rope tows nearby. Many years ago I recall seeing a ski area near here, very likely this was it.
    Someone from the Lake City area should be able to provide more information.

  3. Bob Sisco says:

    I emailed several pics here to the publisher and hope they can be accessed for all to see. Pics taken 9/30/16

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